7 Unexpected Color Trios for the Bedroom

While a bedroom decorated in a palette of neutrals is classic style, and you’re always safe with a monochromatic theme or simple combination of white with another color, sometimes you want a little bit more pizzazz. If you are ready to take a step outside the decorating safe zone, consider one of the following seven color schemes: each has three colors that work together to create unexpected magic.

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    Navy, Orange, and Gray

    Photo courtesy of Decorchick!

    The great thing about this color combination is how well it plays the excitement of orange against the serenity of navy blue to create a bedroom that is strong, yet not overwhelming. The addition of gray in the upholstered bed and flooring adds to the overall calm vibe of this lovely bedroom.

    Another strong point of this room is the skillful use of metallics and glass to add shine and make the small space look larger. Decorative wall mirrors, gold-and-glass nightstands and glass bedside lamps add a touch of glamour to the room without a bit of tackiness.

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    Gold, Magenta, and Cream

    Photo courtesy of InteriorDesignPro

    Sure, a bedroom decorated in gold and cream with dark wood furniture would look fine, even elegant. But for many people, something would be missing – that little spark of excitement. If you (or your bed partner) prefer to stick with neutrals for the most part, but you get a bit bored in the safe zone, the solution is simple – take a note from this bedroom, and add a bright accent like the plummy magenta shown here. It doesn’t take a lot – just bright curtains, throw blanket and throw pillow are enough. Notice how the magenta accents here are solid, not patterned. That’s the key to adding bright color to an otherwise neutral space without losing the elegant vibe.

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    Green, Red, and Brown

    Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Wow! You wouldn’t think a room with so much brown could look so bright, and yet somehow, it works beautifully. That’s because the deep chocolately brown is the perfect foil for the intense Kelly green and cherry red walls. If you want to go this bright on your walls, use either an earthtone or white on the bedding and furniture to avoid sensory overload. If you like the idea of red walls, but not such an intense hue, the look would work equally well with a mellow barn red, a burnt reddish-orange, or a softened tint of burgundy.

    Another great element in this bedroom is the unexpected use of a painted ladder as wall art. Quirky for sure, but lots of fun.

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    Pink, Orange, and White

    Photo courtesy of Angie Hranowsky

    While pink and orange is a classic combo for a girl’s bedroom, when done right, it can be very sophisticated in the master bedroom as well. The trick is to keep at least one of the colors slightly muted – here, it’s the orange, which veers ever so slightly towards the yellow side – rather than going with two pure, neon-bright shades. If you prefer to keep your orange pure, then mute the pink, choosing a shade of salmon or pinkish coral. Add in a liberal helping of white to keep the palette from syrupy sweetness, and then for a touch of sophistication, finish the look with a few accents in black, like the lampshades here.

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    Red, Aqua, and Brown

    Photo courtesy of Homedit

    Here’s a lovely bedroom that feels rather serene, thanks to the watery shade of aqua on the walls and bedding, yet punches it up a bit with the liberal use of red throughout the space, as well as the touch of olive green on the striped cushions and sheets. Although red is generally a very stimulating color, it isn’t overwhelming here, because the same fabric covers the chair and cushions. This keeps the contrast controlled, and gives the room a harmonious look. That’s a great tip to keep in mind anytime you want to use a bright color as an accent, yet still want a peaceful vibe – limit your bright color to just one pattern used throughout the room.

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    Fuchsia, Turquoise, and Black

    Photo courtesy of housetohome

    While this bright bedroom is clearly not shy or reserved, what a great palette! Here, the color hits hard, with bright fuchsia walls and turquoise accents, but if color THIS intense isn’t your style, you could achieve a similar effect with a more muted shade of purple. Notice how the use of black keeps the style on the sophisticated side, rather than childish or garish. That’s the power of black, which is always the perfect foil for bright shades. The use of airy, open furnishings and patterns -- the pendant lights, the small night tables, the retro chair and the abstract bedding – further work to keep the color under control.

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    Purple, Gray, and Green

    Photo courtesy of Phoebe Howard

    Looking for lots of color, but still want a sense of calm? Then consider this palette, which is colorful, yet somewhat moody. Deep, plummy purple and cool gray set a tranquil vibe, but the soft sage green keeps the room from feeling chilly or unwelcoming. It’s an elegant and sophisticated color combination, yet somewhat out of the ordinary. Lovely.