Uniflame 3-Burner 36,000 BTU Gas Grill Model# GBC1030WRS - Discontinued

Uniflame 3-Burner 36,000 BTU Gas Grill Red Sedona Model# GBC1030WRS
Uniflame 3-Burner 36,000 BTU Gas Grill Red Sedona Model# GBC1030WRS. Ferrellgas LP

The Bottom Line

This model has been discontinued. It is replaced by the Uniflame 4-Burner Red Sedona Model# GBC1349WRS.

You'd think that at about $165USD this would be a pretty good grill for the money. You'd be wrong. This grill doesn't cut back in a few areas; it cuts back in all of them. The cooking grates are hardly strong enough to hold up a lot of food. The lightweight burners promise to make the entire grill useless at the first sign of trouble.

This simply isn't a grill worth buying, even at this price. It would have made more sense to take out the side burner in favor of a better burner.

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  • Inexpensive


  • Low powered side burner
  • Thin, lightweight components
  • Ultra-thin cooking grate
  • Large amounts of plastic


  • Three 12,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 475 square inches of primary grilling area for a total cooking area of 680 square inches
  • 36,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 10,000 BTU side burner under a flush mounted cover
  • Thin porcelain coated steel cooking grate
  • Porcelain painted steel lid and body
  • Single electronic (AA-battery) igniter
  • Plastic handles and knobs
  • Cover and propane tank sold separately
  • Imported exclusively for Wal-Mart from China by Blue Rhino Global Sourcing LLC.

Guide Review - Uniflame 3-Burner 36,000 BTU Model# GBC1030WRS

When Uniflame (a division of Blue Rhino, the propane exchange people) bought out this line they made some decent low-cost grills.

Obviously this unit, made exclusively for Wal-Mart, is just in it to make a fast buck. This flimsy unit can hardly be called a grill. Of course, it is also at the bottom of the price range and it's hard to find a grill that costs less. At around $165USD I still can't recommend it though.

This 3-burner gas grill uses lightweight materials.

The cooking grate is simply folded sheet metal with a bad porcelain paint job. It's hardly strong enough to hold up a large pile of food. In fact, I bent one in the store testing it out. The lid is lightweight aluminum that will not hold heat and is poorly attached to the body. There is also a large amount of plastic used to make this grill.

I know that the temptation to buy this grill will be strong and many people will pick it up as an impulse believing it's a great deal. It isn't. Why spend more than $200 (tax and propane tank required) for a grill you will have trouble getting a year worth use out of? Invest a little more or look elsewhere.

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