Miniature Food Catering Ideas for Weddings

Waiter serving sliders and other appetizers

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An interesting way to save a bit of money on your wedding is to choose unique catering options. Rather than serving a fancy sit-down dinner with seven delectable courses, opt instead for something a little more fun and less fussy from your wedding catering. Choosing foods that are inexpensive is a great place to start if you're looking to reduce your catering costs. Another way to cut back significantly is to serve several miniature versions of your favorite foods to surprise and delight your guests! Let's face it, miniature foods are cuter. If you decide to do passed hors d'oeuvres rather than a seated dinner, you may also find you need less food to feed your family and friends! Check out this collection of darling and delicious miniature foods to consider for your wedding menu!

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    Miniature Tacos

    Miniature Tacos on a serving tray
    Evin Photography

    A widely-loved cuisine for casual weddings is Mexican food, and it's no surprise. It tends to be quite affordable, plus it's delicious! Serving miniature tacos is a wonderful idea for your wedding reception, as they can easily be eaten in a couple of bites and are packed with flavor. For an extra dose of fun, serve alongside miniature margaritas in a shot glass or even with straight shots of tequila to get the party going! 

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    Miniature Cheeseburgers

    Miniature Cheeseburgers on a serving board
    Don Mears Photography

    If you want your wedding menu to reflect your personal tastes, choosing miniature passed versions of your favorite foods is a good option. If you love cheeseburgers, what better food to serve at your reception! When you choose a food that may be considered more casual, the key to making it feel more luxe is all in the presentation. Instead of big, sloppy hamburgers, these miniature versions are clean and even sort of chic! 

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    Mini Barbecue Sliders

    Miniature Barbecue Sliders on wooden serving board
    Lotus Blossom Photography

    Another casual food choice that you can make feel fancier is barbecue! Rather than serving a backyard buffet of barbecue pork and sides, you can class up your catering by serving miniature barbecue sliders on trays. It's all about the presentation and the details! These mini pork BBQ sliders feature cabbage slaw, a pickle topper and are held together by decorative toothpicks for a little extra character. They look equally delicious as they do chic!

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    Miniature Pizzas

    Miniature pizzas in a red and white dish
    The Cookie Rookie

    What food is more widely loved than pizza? Serving a regular sized pizza slice might seem far too casual for your wedding day, but how fun are these miniature pizzas as a passed option? If you choose ingredients and toppings that are more elevated, it really helps to fancy up the idea of pizza. Plus, how cute are these miniature Margherita pizzas from The Cookie Rookie

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    Miniature Lobster Rolls

    Mini lobster rolls served on cloth napkins
    Jenny Steffens Hobick

    Looking for something a little more high-brow? You really can't argue with Lobster! If you're having a coastal wedding, consider serving mini lobster rolls to your guests. These two-bite versions of the New England favorite would be perfect to serve at a Summer wedding. Serve them with nautical striped napkins, like these from Jenny Steffens Hobick, for an extra dose of preppy flair! The chilled lobster salad will help keep your guests cool during the hot summer months.

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    Miniature Chicken and Waffles

    Miniature chicken and waffles
    Libby Living Colorfully

    If you're looking for a soul food dish to serve for your wedding, what better choice than chicken and waffles! This Southern delicacy would be a great choice to serve at even the fanciest of weddings, thanks to the wide popularity of the dish. Instead of serving a heaping pile of this heavy dish, consider offering a mini version on sticks, like these from Libby Living Colorfully, to make the food more portable. This also helps to make the chicken-to-waffle ratio perfectly balanced for the optimal sweet and savory combination.

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    Miniature Shrimp and Grits

    Mini shrimp and grits served on a square plate
    The Cotton Warehouse

    If you're on the hunt for something with a Southern flair and creole spice, look no further than shrimp and grits! This is another relatively inexpensive dish that you can fancy up with the perfect presentation and ingredients. Serve miniature shrimp and grits in shot glasses for the perfect portion amount for your guests to enjoy. This savory and sometimes spicy dish would be perfect for a wedding in New Orleans or another Southern city!

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    Miniature Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

    Miniature grilled cheese and tomato soup
    Inspired by Charm

    Another favorite comfort food option is grilled cheese and tomato soup. This dish from Inspired By Charm would definitely be best enjoyed during the cooler months of Fall and Winter, so keep it in mind if you're getting married during those seasons. This serving style is just darling, where the tomato soup comes in a shot glass and the grilled cheeses are slim and perfectly dunkable! What a perfect way to warm your guests' hearts and bodies for a Winter or Fall wedding!

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    Miniature Pumpkin Bisque

    Mini pumpkin bisque soup

    If you're looking for a dish that would make a great appetizer course, this pumpkin bisque from Pizzazzerie in a miniature pumpkin bowl is such a darling idea! What a perfect opening course for a fall wedding and the presentation is totally on point. 

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    Miniature Baked Potatoes

    Miniature baked potatoes
    The Curvy Carrot

    Of course, this isn't all about main-course options. There are wonderful side items that can be made in miniature form as well, like these darling mini loaded baked potatoes from The Curvy Carrot! This shrunken version of a side dish staple is perfectly sized to be popped into your guests mouths, so it's a wonderful choice for passed service. You don't want your guests to have to juggle too many things in their hands, so these one-bite potatoes are a wonderful choice if you're having a cocktail-style reception. 

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    Miniature Salads

    Miniature salads on tray with dressing
    My Baking Addiction

    You'll want to make sure you have some lighter fare to serve alongside the heavier and more filling items, so a salad is always a good choice. If you're keeping with the miniature theme, you can serve salads in small appetizer cups or bowls, like these cute ones from My Baking Addiction, to portion out a tasty fresh bite for your guests. 

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    Miniature Quiche

    Miniature Quiches no wooden serving board
    Chi-Chi Abgim

    Miniature quiches are a staple for many caterers, whether as an appetizer or part of the main meal. The wonderful thing about quiche is that it is a versatile dish, in that it can easily blend into your menu whether you're having a brunch or a dinner. You could serve your mini quiche on a tiered tower on your buffet or have them passed around by catering staff

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    Miniature Fruit Tarts

    Miniature Fruit Tarts on glass serving dish
    Christina Piombetti

    Miniature fruit tarts are an excellent choice if you're looking to serve something sweet but still on the healthy side. These berry tarts can be displayed on a dessert bar or passed by catering staff—either way, your guests will love them! 

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    Miniature Ice Cream Cones

    Miniature ice cream cones
    Tess Revel

     Whether you're planning a cocktail party reception or a seated dinner, you can always offer passed sweets for dessert. How fun are these miniature ice cream cones? Ask your catering staff to pass this sweet treat out to your guests on the dance floor to help them cool off at your Summer wedding. 

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    Miniature Pies

    Miniature pies for a wedding
    The Sweetest Occasion

    Miniature pies, like these from The Sweetest Occasion, are a great addition to your wedding reception dessert options. Choose your favorite flavors or match them to the season in which your wedding is taking place. Consider pecan or pumpkin for a fall wedding, blueberry or peach for a spring wedding, apple or strawberry for a summer wedding, or cherry or chocolate for a winter wedding!

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    Miniature Parfaits

    Mini lemon parfaits
    Flavour and Savour

     Another tasty dessert option is miniature parfaits. Seriously, how cute are these lemon parfaits from Flavour and Savour?  Choose from your favorite flavors, whether fruit or chocolate, whipped cream or yogurt. These are great as desserts or could be more breakfast-like, too!

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    Miniature Cinnamon Rolls

    Mini Cinnamon Rolls
    Love Greyson Events

     These miniature cinnamon rolls are a super sweet choice for a brunch wedding! You could serve them on a tray or on sticks to make more of a lollipop style. Either way, these one-bite treats are super portable and easy for your guests to eat, even while standing.

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    Miniature Pancakes

    Miniature pancakes
    Love Greyson Events

    Another great brunch wedding food are these mini pancakes! Serve them on platters on a buffet or passed on trays. The added color of the blueberries really elevates the look and the dish. Consider raspberries, bananas, or strawberries as well!

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    Miniature Breakfast Skillets

    Miniature breakfast skillet
    24 Carrots/Junebug Weddings

    Looking for more brunch or breakfast options for your wedding menu? How about these miniature breakfast skillets from Junebug Weddings, with a little bit of everything inside? The mini cast-iron skillets really make this presentation top-notch!

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    Miniature Banana Pudding

    Mini Banana pudding

     A Southern favorite sweet treat is creamy banana pudding, and these miniature versions from Pizzazerie are perfect for your wedding! Serve in small cups or bowls and garnish with mini Nilla wafers and banana slices for a deliciously sweet presentation. 

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