Go Beyond Blue for A Boy's Nursery

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    Fresh and Exciting Nursery Colors for Boys

    While there’s nothing wrong with painting your baby boy’s nursery blue, there are plenty of other fresh and unique color palettes to choose from. Dramatic shades of red, yellow, and green make excellent options. Even ​pastels, like aqua or mint, can be a great fit for your little man’s room. If you're looking for something really different, try a dark and moody shade of navy or go bold with black! Need a little push in the non-traditional direction? Check out these creative color palette ideas!

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    Mint Green

    Neutral mint nurseries
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    This popular pastel is not just for girls! Soft, soothing, and inspired by nature, neutral mint is a great choice for your little boy’s nursery. Want to give the look a more masculine edge? Pair a pale, minty hue with strong accents like yellow, black, or navy. Rustic textures and industrial accessories also make for a manlier abode. 

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    Navy and Yellow

    Sunny yellow—traditionally the go-to color for gender-neutral nurseries—gets a macho makeover when paired with a rich shade of navy blue. Fresh white walls and furnishings balance the dramatic accent wall and patterned ceiling, creating a look that's clean and preppy. 

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    Navy and Green

    Think navy is just for nautical nurseries and prep schools? Think again! Bright green accents give this navy and white nursery a fun modern feel, making it a perfect combo for a contemporary boy’s space.

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    Navy and Grey

    This chic and modern boy's room features a sophisticated silver grey palette complimented with strong navy accents. The weight of the dark accent color works against the etherealness of the grey, grounding the look and giving it a more masculine appeal.

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    Red and Grey

    Candy-apple red lends boyish charm to this neutral grey nursery and makes a welcome change from the usual pastel pairing. The glossy red finish stands out nicely against the matte grey walls, creating further contrast and adding a rich textural dimension.

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    Red and Aqua

    This bright and cheery color combo offers a refreshingly modern take on the classic red and blue boy’s room. Rich red accents and accessories pop against the cool blue walls, adding drama and giving baby's development an extra boost.

    Are you concerned about overstimulation? The soothing psychological effects of aqua should be more than enough to create balance.

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    Aqua, Yellow, and Orange

    A bright and citrusy shade of yellow creates a soft and sunny effect when set against a fresh aqua background. For a look with even more pop, try a bold shade of cheery orange.

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    Teal and Tangerine

    If you're going to go blue, go bold! Pops of rich teal and bright tangerine give this traditional blue and white nursery combo a much-needed update, bringing fresh energy to the palette.

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    Teal and Grey

    This bold blue nursery palette pairs bright teal with dark grey accents, creating a rich color-saturated space that's perfect for a baby boy. The grey and white chevron motif does an excellent job of breaking up the solid blocks of color. 

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    Rustic Brown

    Prefer a more neutral palette? Rich, rustic brown is a great choice for a boy's room, especially when paired with strong masculine accent colors like red, orange, and black. 

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    Black and White

    This graphic nursery space proves that you don't need color to create a truly memorable space. The key? Contrast. White furnishings and bold black-and-white patterns pop off the room's dramatic black accent wall to create plenty of visual interest. 

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    Black and Bright

    Gender-neutral nursery with black walls and bright accents

    Need a little color in your life? Don't turn your back on black! Black has all the color-boosting properties of white, creating natural contrast and making bold hues look cleaner and brighter.