10 Most Unique FREE Crochet Heart Patterns

Fun crochet hearts for Valentine's and all year long

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of crochet heart patterns available to people who want to craft a regular heart shape. But if you are looking to make something just a little bit different, a little bit more special, for Valentine's gifting or decor, then these are the more unique free crochet heart patterns that you are seeking.

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    Anatomical Crochet Heart Free Pattern
    Anatomical Crochet Heart Free Pattern. Louie's Loops

    This free crochet heart pattern from Louie's Loops is an amigurumi-style stuffed crochet heart designed to look just like the real thing. If you happen to be into anatomy or just a little nerdy or have the kind of lover would isn't too into heart gifts but would accept one based on the human heart design then look no further. This crochet pattern is available as a written pattern and also as a video tutorial.

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    Circle Crochet Heart Pouch Free Pattern
    Circle Crochet Heart Pouch Free Pattern. Homemade@MyPlace

    You don't have to crochet heart shapes to create a crochet heart. Instead, crochet a bunch of circles, joined together into a heart shape. And then if you want to get really fancy, turn it into a crochet purse / pouch like you'll find in the free tutorial for this project over at Homemade@MyPlace. Tuck another gift inside of this pouch for a real Valentine's treat to give to someone.

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    Ricardio-Inspired Crochet Heart Pillow Free Pattern
    Ricardio-Inspired Crochet Heart Pillow Free Pattern. Twinkie Chan

    Twinkie Chan, who has a new crochet book for fun home decor, never fails to bring us the most unique, cheeky, fun crochet patterns and this great heart pillow is right in that vein. The big crochet heart pillow is already a fun huggable pattern and then she adds the Ricardio-inspired face for something truly original. The free crochet pattern is available as a video tutorial and with written instructions.

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    Crochet Heart Baskets Free Pattern
    Crochet Heart Baskets Free Pattern. My Poppet

    My Poppet shows us how to take any basic crochet heart pattern and turn it into a basket. She uses Zpagetti yarn but says that you could also use "very thick yarn, thin rope or chunky twine" and of course you could use any kind of t-shirt yarn, store-bought or homemade. This is a free crochet pattern rich with step-by-step photo tutorials.

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    rose crochet heart free pattern
    rose crochet heart free pattern. Cre8tion Crochet

    If there is any symbol more representative of the heart for Valentine's Day then it has to be the rose. Give two-for-one when you offer someone this handmade crochet flower heart. This free crochet pattern comes from Cre8tion Crochet. 

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    Daisy Granny Heart Free Crochet Pattern

    Daisy Granny Heart Free Crochet Pattern
    Daisy Granny Heart Free Crochet Pattern. Daisy Cottage Designs

    If you like the idea of a flower heart but aren't into the roses, maybe this daisy heart crochet dishcloth pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs is the right unique pattern for you. This takes the idea of a granny squares, turns it into a heart shape, adds a flower and serves function as a dishcloth. It's perfect in every way.

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    Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder Free Pattern
    Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder Free Pattern. Sew, Simmer and Share

    Bobble stitch is so beautiful and it's the core design feature of this free crochet potholder pattern from Sew, Simmer and Share. This is definitely a Valentine's gift that someone might want to use all year long. And it's so fun to make that you may end up crocheting a lot of them!

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    Tunisian Crochet Heart Flag Blanket Pattern
    Tunisian Crochet Heart Flag Blanket Pattern. Crocheting Crazy

    Tunisian crochet is a terrific niche of crochet. This crochet blanket uses that technique to create an American-flag inspired red, white and blue heart-shape. This is perfect for veterans and other patriotic people and also works for Valentine's Day. This free crochet pattern is by Crocheting Crazy.

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    Crochet Hearts Blanket Free Pattern
    Crochet Hearts Blanket Free Pattern. Darla Fanton

    This is the Mended Hearts crochet blanket free pattern by Darla Fanton. It looks like stained glass crochet and seems to be inspired by colorful quilt designs. Beautiful.

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    Crochet Heart Stitch
    Crochet Heart Stitch. B.hooked Crochet

    Did you know that there's actually a crochet stitch called the heart stitch, so named because that's what it looks like? You could use this unique crochet stitch to make a variety of different items, from headband to blankets, and they'd all make perfect Valentine's Day gifts. This free crochet pattern from B.hooked Crochet comes with written instructions and a video tutorial.