This Unique End Table Is the Perfect Chic Nightstand

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kayla nightstands

The Spruce / Amy Sheehan / Wayfair

When I finally moved into an apartment with a bedroom big enough to accommodate two equal sized nightstands, I was determined to go all out. As someone who's always rented fairly small spaces and has lived in bedrooms where only one nightstand would truly fit or has had to go with mismatched pieces to save room, I wanted to make the most of my space when I could. This meant choosing a set of sophisticated looking nightstands that would make my bedroom look nice and complete.

nightstands on either side of bed

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I didn't want to totally break the bank, of course, but I was willing to splurge a bit on nightstands that would elevate my bedroom and provide a decent amount of storage. I prioritized searching for nightstands with at least one drawer that closes. It's so helpful to be able to tuck away lip balm, sleep masks, lotions, and the like so that these small items are within reach yet neatly organized. I also love to display coffee table books from my vast collection on the nightstand, so I was hoping to find a piece with an open bottom shelf that I could still style with some of my favorite titles. Additionally, always aim to create as serene of a sleep space as possible, so I focused in on nightstands that were neutral in color.

After scrolling through the Wayfair website and scrolling through array of nightstands that were neutral in hue, moderately priced, and sizable, I eventually came across the Kayla End Table, which is part of the Kelly Clarkson Home line at Wayfair. (If you're not familiar with this line, definitely check it out—it's full of classic looking, well priced pieces ranging from sofas to dining sets and everything in between).

Kelly Clarkson Home Kayla End Table

white nightstand with rattan drawer


Right after spotting these tables, I knew they were the perfect nightstands. The white color is extremely versatile and classic, but the piece is by no means boring thanks to the rattan drawers, which provide a subtle coastal touch without being overly beachy. The Kayla tables also offered one drawer and an open bottom shelf, therefore satisfying my styling needs. Lastly, I had a pretty substantial amount of space on either side of my bed that I was looking to fill, so the fact that these nightstands measure 31.5 inches wide was a bonus. At the same time, I also appreciated how the pieces are only 10 inches deep, meaning that they won't block the path to hop into bed or stick out too far into a given room.

white nightstand with drawer

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photo

I can't begin to count all of the compliments I've received on these pieces; they really look so luxe and bespoke even though they're available with just a click. And on that note, these nightstands are ready to ship and will arrive in just a matter of days after you place your order. In a world that's still affected by supply chain issues and major furniture delays, it's always refreshing to stumble upon beautiful pieces that won't require months of wait time!