Unique Gift Toppers to Use on Any Present

Melanie shows off her unique gift topper ideas

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While we can all appreciate a pretty bow, they’re often not budget-friendly (how is a pile of ribbon and glitter $6?), and certainly not easy to make. This doesn’t mean you need to settle for plainly wrapped presents, enter: gift toppers. Not only will your gift look great, but the receiver will appreciate the extra creativity that went into their gift. Get inspired by our DIY ideas below and you’ll never want to use a bow again!


Awesome Gift Toppers That Are Not Boring Bows

What Is a Gift Topper?

A gift topper is a decorative item, beyond a standard ribbon or bow, that goes on top of a present. They add charm and an extra bit of oomph to any gift. As you’ll find below, crafting your own gift topper allows you to get more creative and really personalize a gift to the receiver’s liking.

a group of gifts using unconventional toppers
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One of the best parts about using pinecones as a gift topper is that they’re free if you can find them in your backyard. To style a pinecone on your present use twine for an organic, rustic look or tulle for a splash of holiday cheer. Simply tie your string selection around your gift with the pinecone beneath it. 

using pinecones to adorn your present
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Finally, a use for the box of spare buttons you’ve been accumulating over the years! Group your buttons by color or make a rainbow and simply string some thread through the holes. Tie knots at the ends, then wrap the playful garland around your gift boxes for a presentation that’s as cute as a button.

Woman holding present with button topper
The Spruce / Candace Madonna


This gift topper is perfect for children and your creatively-inclined adult friends. Start by wrapping your gift in kraft paper or white wrapping paper. Select a few different colored crayons and use washi tape to stick them to the box, wherever you see fit. Then use a permanent marker to write a message, a tic-tack-toe grid, or other drawings. Before your recipient opens up the box, they can have fun doodling and coloring away. The best part is, this is like two gifts in one! 

using crayons as a unique gift topper
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Herbs and Flowers

Florals and greenery will add vibrance to anything. Adding your favorite selection of herbs and flowers to a gift will instantly spruce it up and make it almost too beautiful to unwrap. Bundle a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme, add a couple stalks of dried lavender, or a small bouquet of fresh flowers and style atop your present.

Woman's hands tying herb on present top
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