The Colorful, Funky Candle Trend That's Making This Fall the Coziest Yet

crystal candles

@lunarcandles_ / Instagram

In 2020, the art of candle-making gained traction with the DIY crowd. This fall, candles are still hot, but not just any candles: Swirly, twisty, funky shapes are filling up mantels (and Instagram feeds). 

Take a spin through the social channel and around the internet and you will likely find a candle in just about any shape or likeness imaginable, some adorable and others that would make your grandparents blush. With fall in full swing, you will want to stock up on these mood-setters that are also conversation starters. Here is a look at what is lighting the fire of creators around the world right now.

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    Glowing Gourd

    Pumpkin candle

    @windbornecandles / Instagram

    This design looks like the real deal, until you light the wick! Mar, of Windborne Farms, created this smashing pumpkin as the perfect prop for a fall tablescape. Mar makes a variety of fun and beautiful beeswax candles for other seasons and for everyday use.

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    Swell Swirls

    Swirl candles

    @dill.homeware / Instagram

    Twisted taper candles have been enormously popular on social channels—an Instagram search for twisted candles” brings up more than 12,000 posts—especially since you can hypothetically do make them yourself just by soaking them in water then twisting accordingly. Sisters Tilly and Daisy of Dill Homeware created these swirly designs for their U.K. store Dill Homemade. The pair work to make sure all of their products are sustainable and ethically made.

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    Earth Magic

    Crystal candle collection

    @lunarcandles_ / Instagram

    Unearth the beauty of these crystal-shaped candles in a variety of pastels by Julie at Lunar Candles. Whether you choose one or many, your space will sparkle! Most of Julie's creations are done in pastels and have a theme connected to nature.

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    Smells Like a Winner

    Perfume bottle and tulip bud candles.

    @souffleandco_com / Instagram

    Starting the day is a lot more pleasant with a few of your favorite things: a hot beverage, a good read, beautiful roses and candles to set the mood. These tulip bud and perfume bottle shapes from @souffleandco_com are soy-based and full of detail. Set one on your dresser among your other perfumes for a fun and fitting accent.

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    Happy Little Candles

    Happy candles

    @the_waxness / Instagram

    Vanessa from The Waxness creates all sorts of cute, creative candles, including these happy potted flowers, a pillar that looks like a beautiful cloudy day and checkerboard patterned designs. The bright hues really light up a room!

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    Mysterious Mushroom

    Mushroom candle


    Cleveland-based creator Briahna of Waxing Moon Candle Shop came up with this adorable, funky fungi that looks like it comes from another world. Maybe one with Smurfs? You can get one or as many as you would like in any color your heart desires. Briahna also makes holiday-themed candles, wax melts and other beautiful waxy creations.

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    Use Your Noodle

    Ramen candle


    Who doesn’t love a big bowl of ramen? Some noodle lovers like their meal a little on the hot side, but maybe not with an actual flame in the middle. Arizona creator Honor in Craft honors the humble yet delicious staple of college diets worldwide with a lifelike candle that would fool just about anyone. Skip the plain old pillar candles and put this stunner on your dining room table.

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    Tree Lighting

    Christmas tree candles

    Anne den Hartog (@canndle_shop)

    Candles on Christmas trees used to be a thing, but electricity thankfully made that fire hazard obsolete. Now you can actually light a Christmas tree with these ombre shaped candles made by Anne den Hartog of Canndle. The green candle has a fir tree scent, and the red tree smells of cinnamon. Set them in amongst the curves of a lush garland on a mantel or holiday tablescape.

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    Good Enough to Eat

    Cheesecake candles

    Shaniqua of Drip Palace Co. is the mastermind behind these little slices of heaven! From realistic berries to a drip of glaze that makes your mouth water, these candles will have you asking for seconds. Be sure to warn your dinner guests these aren't on the menu.

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    Do the Wave

    Wavy candle


    Layers of curves stack together in this creation to give the illusion that the candle is in motion. Australia creator @bathed_byb makes a variety of angular candles that become interesting decor even when not alight. You can even find pretty wax melts if that's your thing.

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    Frightfully Fun

    Spine candle and fall decor

    Bryan Lawrence / Instagram

    Nothing says fall like leaves, decorative gourds, and... a spine and brain candles? Bryan Lawrence (@creepy candles) melds the season's celebrations with this interesting display. His other creations include a coffin candle that reveals a skeleton when melting, and a zombie candle that oozes brains as it burns.