8 Unique Ways to Decorate With Cork

cork wall home office with decorations
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Going eco-friendly is super trendy right now, so it's no surprise that cork is coming back in a big way. This stylish material is renewable and recyclable, making it the perfect choice for savvy decor lovers who want to help protect the planet. Plus, if you're into the neutral decor look, cork is a great complement that provides a bit of rustic appeal but doesn't overpower the space. Check out our favorite ways to use cork in every room of your home.

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    Try a Cork Ceiling

    cork ceiling in living room with teal walls and wall art
    McGrath II

    Banish boring white drywall ceilings and try cork instead. If you don't have exposed beams in your house but want a unique way to make a statement, cork ceilings are the way to go. We love this chic room from Mcgrath II; the royal blues and striking patterns complement the subtle-but-interesting cork ceiling in a fun way. You can easily replicate this look by using cork tiles and simply placing them directly on top of your ceiling.

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    Buy (Or Make!) a Bathmat

    diy wine cork bathmat in bathroom
    She's a Cork Dork / Etsy

    Finally—another reason to indulge in a glass of wine with dinner! There are many tutorials online for reusing cork wine stoppers, so you can easily recreate this adorable bath mat at home if you're handy. Otherwise, you can find a wide variety of already-made cork accessories for your home, perfect for adding a touch of this look without the deep dive into DIY.

    Cork Mat, $23 and up, She's a Cork Dork via Etsy

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    Cover Your Walls

    cork wall in dining area with boho decor and plants
    Natural Mavens / Pinterest

    Sometimes a bold new paint color is all you need to revitalize your space. But if you're looking for an even more unique and interesting way to spruce up a wall, cork is a fabulous option. The cork wall in this dining room is a dreamy, natural way to add texture to a room that sometimes goes overlooked. This look works well in nearly any room of your house and doubles as a place to hang temporary art or notes.

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    Mini Cork Planters

    mini cork planters with small plants on table
    The Spruce

    Here's another easy way to DIY a cork accessory if you're looking to try the look on for size. Use of all those wine corks you have laying around and add a bit of fun to a boring fridge (or anywhere you can stick a magnet). And if you don't have a green thumb, air plants are the perfect, low-maintenance way to bring some nature into your home.

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    Floor It

    cork flooring in chic living room with pops of color
    Upcycled Ugly

    Cork flooring has been popular for over 100 years, and was the material of choice for renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in many of his mid-century homes. While cork flooring does have pros and cons, it can be a great choice for active families since it can be refinished often and cheaply. It also provides natural sound insulation and resists the growth of mold — a great perk for the allergy-prone. This contemporary room from Upcycled Ugly is the perfect choice for a cork floor; a reading room or a den can feel even more calming and soothing with this look. It's also a great choice for sunrooms or porches since it blends inside and outside effortlessly.

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    Kids' Room

    kids room with cork wall art and colorful decorations
    HomeTalk / Pinterest

    We probably all had a boring corkboard in our rooms growing up, but we love this trendy twist for a kids' room. The smaller square cork pieces act as a picture frame for children's artwork, easily interchangeable when a new masterpiece is created. Take this easy DIY to the next level by painting a faux frame onto the cork, and your kids will feel like Van Gogh every time they walk into the room.

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    cork headboard in bedroom with wall art
    One Kings Lane

    We adore this chic eclectic bedroom, and while we love tufted headboards as much as the next guy, this cork idea is an incredibly unique and fun idea for any bedroom. The sound-insulating properties of cork also make this a great idea if you happen to live in a noisy space and need to add a bit of zen to your bedroom.

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    Map It Out

    cork wall map over fireplace
    Easy, Tiger / Pinterest

    Travel is good for your soul, and we love the idea of bringing our adventures back home with us. Map out your next getaway with this fun cork map that doubles as a striking piece of art. Pin up your favorite Polaroids, each of your adventures, and you have a beautiful way to commemorate your vacations.