How to Display Your Dish Collection

Plates and a tea set hanging on a wall

Raul Gama/EyeEm/Getty Images 

If you have beautiful tableware, you might have special china collections that you want to display on the wall or stands so that you can enjoy them every day. It's a shame to keep them stacked in a cupboard out of sight.

Learn ways to display your beautiful dishes in every room of your home.

What You Need

  • Pretty pieces of china, porcelain, glass, or crystal
  • Mounting hardware
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape and marker
  • Decorative ribbon, cording, or trim

Here's How

  1. Sort through your dishes and collect the really special ones. There's probably no way you could display every single piece, so you have to pick and choose the best and most beautiful ones.
  2. Decide which pieces would look best in which room. Keep fragile pieces out of reach so that they won't get broken with everyday activities.
  3. A set of coordinating dishes can be displayed on a rack that holds several plates.
  4. Individual plates are best displayed on a plate hook hanging on the wall. You can buy the hooks at a hardware, department, antique, or craft store. They can be hung separately or in a pleasing arrangement.
  5. Display a place setting of dishes in a glass-fronted display cabinet.
  6. Hang plates (on plate hangers) vertically on a narrow strip of wall. Tie the plates together visually with a beautiful color-coordinated ribbon.
  7. Display plates (on plate hangers) arranged in an arch over a buffet or sideboard or even over a bed.
  8. Arrange plates over a doorway. Be sure they're carefully attached so that they don't fall when the door is opened and closed.
  9. If you have some beautiful but unmatched plates or saucers, display them on a side table under a plant or vase. Use odd plates as decorative saucers under plants.
  10. A wood rack can be hung in a dining room, along with a hallway, or in the kitchen. Stand plates at interesting intervals and arranged with colors and patterns that are complementary. When you need to use the plate, take it down. After use, clean it and replace it in its special spot.
  11. If you have some odd teacups or cups and saucers, use them for tiny plants or simple flower arrangements. Tuck them into a bookshelf or on the bathroom counter.
  12. Arrange a tea party display on a side table or buffet in the dining room. Place the cup and saucer on a beautiful placemat, add a coordinating teapot, and finish off with a beautiful silver spoon.
  13. A small plate or bowl is a great catcher for jewelry and rings. Place it on your dresser or bathroom counter, so the pieces don't get lost.
  14. If you have some broken pieces of china, collect them to "tile" a picture frame or tabletop.


If your pieces are in any danger of being bumped or broken, use "Museum Wax" to stick them to the shelves. Be extra safe by securing the shelves to the wall with bolts or straps.