9 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

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    Start Out With Unique Wedding Invitation Wording

    Custom Wedding Invitation

    Wedding invitations are the first view your guests will have of the style and vibe of your wedding. Make sure your invites are as personal and unique as your wedding will be, with these 10 ways to personalize your wedding invitations.

    Use Wording That Reflects You and Your Family

    Just because most people use the "So-and-So's parents request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their kids" format, doesn't mean you have to! Consider:

    Because you have shared in our lives with love,
    Naomi Brown
    Parker Williamson
    Invite you to share in the joy of our wedding day


    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Myers
    Joyfully invite you to
    The marriage of their daughter
    Sophia Lynn
    Carlos Antonio Hernandez
    Dinner and merriment to follow


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    Stand in the Place Where You Live

    etsy custom wedding invite

    If the place where you live or are getting married is special to you, use it as inspiration for your wedding invitation. Ask your designer to use iconic architecture, known motifs, or your state flower or bird. You can even just ask your designer to evoke the mood of the location; one of my favorite invites used western-inspired fonts for a Montana wedding.

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    Picture Yourself on Your Wedding Invitation

    Pictures of yourselves invitation
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    You can't get more personal than a picture of yourselves. A photograph probably wouldn't fit the formality or taste-level of most wedding invitations. Silhouettes are the perfect solution: modern and graphic yet charmingly old fashioned. They say "us" without being too literal.

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    Poetic Wedding Invitations

    Poetic Wedding Invitation
    Ceci New York

    Just one line of a favorite love poem at the top of a wedding invitation sets the stage for a romantic and personal affair. Consider separating the poetry from the rest of your invite text with a symbol, monogram, or insignia.

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    Your Handwriting Speaks Volumes

    Instead of using a computer font, handwrite the text of your invite and then scan it at high resolution. Your wedding invitations will be personal, relaxed, and welcoming.

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    Maps With Whimsical Touches

    Carrot and Stick Press

    It's helpful to include a map with directions to the ceremony, reception, and any other wedding related events that might be happening that weekend. Why not make it more personal and whimsical?

    If they're nearby enough to be included on the same map, also include the spot where you got engaged, your favorite small restaurant, a cute place to watch the stars, and where to get the best ice cream cone in town. Your guests can have fun exploring your area through your eyes.


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    Put Your Picture on the Stamp

    Not everyone has the budget to have custom-designed wedding invitations. Consider choosing your favorite mass-market invitation, but add a personal element by using your picture to make custom postage stamps through Photostamps.com. Sure, it's more expensive than standard postage but it's an affordable way to add the personal.

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    Be as Modern or Traditional as You Want

    Wedding Invite
    Eva Paul

    Tradition calls for a thick white wedding invitation engraved with black ink. Today, many couples are opting for color but still using traditional wording and formal style. I'm here to tell you that there are no hard and fast rules! Just try to match your wedding invitation to the style and formality of your wedding.

    Go for the traditional engraved card, or take it a step even further and use elaborate hand calligraphy. If you're getting married in an urban loft with your favorite band playing, there's no reason not to use color, pattern, and texture to evoke your event.

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    How Are You Printing That?

    Wooden Wedding Invite
    Modern Press

    There are tons of options available to you for printing your wedding invitations—offset, letterpress, engraved, thermography. You can even print on wood or acrylic. Each of these printing techniques will lend a different vibe to your invites so think carefully about your vision and what you want to achieve.