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Heartfelt Canvas Guest Book

Lindsay Letters 

One of the most traditional wedding day details to include in your décor is a guest book. It’s a simple way for your guests to write you a quick note or simply “sign in”, plus a guest book serves as a great way to have a tangible gift from your friends and family in the form of their handwriting. When deciding which type of guest book is right for you and your wedding day, we always encourage couples to keep three key things in mind:

  1. Keep It Simple: Guests are more inclined to mingle, sip cocktails, and dance with you than they are to spend time decoding guest book instructions. So, keep it simple! The simpler the book, the more signatures you will receive.
  2. Make It Personal: When choosing your guest book, opt to include something that feels personal to you and your partner. It offers a peek inside your story together, and it helps guests to relate to you.
  3. Use It: Try to choose a guest book you will want to display in your home together (or literally use if it’s interactive!).

With our three key guest book points in mind, we’ve sourced 15 ideas just for you that go far beyond a simple book. From wedding crests to photo books, canvases, prints, and more, take a peek, and source inspiration for your day!

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    Acrylic Monogram Guest Book

    Acrylic Monogram Wedding Guest Book
    ZCreateDesign / Etsy

    We found this acrylic option at ZCreateDesign on Etsy. We love the modern, chic vibe of the acrylic, and we also appreciate the single letter for a last name rather than a more formal three letter monogram. It’s a new take on an old classic!

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    Engagement Photo Guest Book

    Engagement Photo Wedding Guest Book
    Elizabeth Anne Designs

    If your photographer offers an engagement session as part of your package, make sure to go! The resulting pictures are perfect to print into book form (Artifact Uprising is a great source!) to use as a guest book at your wedding.

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    Recipe Guest Book

    Recipe Wedding Guest Book
    Rifle Paper Co

    What’s better than Pinterest? Tried and true recipes from your wedding guests! You can ask guests to write down their favorite recipes at your wedding, or you can mail a recipe card with their invitation. When they send back their RSVP, you will also receive recipes in the mail! This is a great way to include guests who will attend your wedding as well as those who have prior engagements.

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    Map Guest Book

    Map Wedding Guest Book
    Megan Rusch Soirees

    Maps are perfect for couples who love to travel (guests can sign their names and include their favorite go-to locations), and individual city maps are a great way to represent your wedding’s city, the city where you reside together, or even the city you plan to visit on your honeymoon.

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    Wedding Crest Guest Book

    Wedding Crest Guest Book
    Simply Jessica Marie

    A wedding crest is a great piece to include in your wedding stationery because it’s personalized with details close to you, your lives, and your relationship. Turn your crest into an art print, and ask guests to sign the matting surrounding the print or simply sign the print itself. Simply Jessica Marie designed this watercolor crest, and it’s stunning.

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    Quaker Scroll Guest Book

    Quaker Scroll Wedding Guest Book
    Martha Stewart Weddings

    The idea behind a scroll guest book is your guests are stating they witnessed the start of your marriage in person. Scrolls are elegant and timeless, plus they’re a simple way for guests to offer powerful message by signing their name.

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    Conversation Starter Guest Book

    Conversation Starter Wedding Guest Book
    Martha Stewart Weddings

    If you’re hoping guests will offer you and your partner longer messages, prompt them! These serve as great conversation starters for them and you. Plan to read your guests’ notes over dinner together or even on a month-by-month basis leading up to your first wedding anniversary.

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    Corn Hole Guest Book

    Corn Hole Guest Book
    Southern Weddings

    If you’re hosting a backyard style wedding, ask guests to sign corn hole boards! Asking guests to sign Jenga blocks is another fun backyard game idea. Either game is a great idea because you will enjoy them for years to come!

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    Custom Print Guest Book

    Custom Print Guest Book
    Miss Design Berry

    Miss Design Berry creates whimsical wedding portraits, and each one is customized for the couple. This unique piece will definitely serve as art in your home together, and the addition of guests’ signatures makes it even more personalized.

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    Calendar Guest Book

    Calendar Wedding Guest Book

    Minted is a great source for calendars, and you could have one printed with photos from your engagement session or opt to fill it with photos from your relationship! Ask guests to sign months throughout the calendar, and you will have a great piece to use throughout your first married year together.

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    Heartfelt Canvas Guest Book

    Heartfelt Canvas Guest Book
    Lindsay Letters

    Lindsay Letters designs beautiful, meaningful canvases, and this one caught our eye. It’s stunning on its own, but the addition of notes from your guests will only make it a more meaningful piece for your home.

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    Wedding City Guest Book

    Wedding City Guest Book
    Martha Stewart Weddings

    Honor your wedding city with a book devoted to it and fill it with signatures from your guests! This will serve as a great addition to your coffee table book collection.

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    Sport Guest Book

    Sport Wedding Guest Book
    Style Me Pretty

    If you and your love are sports fans, ask guests to sign balls or equipment. Baseballs or plates are a given for baseball, but you could also turn to jerseys or even vintage pieces, like skis, for a different look.

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    Date Night Suggestions Guest Book

    Date Night Suggestions Guest Book
    Inside Weddings

    Ask guests to write down their favorite idea for date nights for you to spend together! You will likely end up with a slew of ideas you haven’t yet thought of, plus you will feel encourage to date your spouse.

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    Wedding Day Stars Guest Book

    Wedding Day Stars Guest Book
    The Night Sky

    The Night Sky can create a custom art print of the stars in the sky from any night that holds meaning. Order the print in advance of your wedding, or even choose the night you got engaged, and ask guests to sign the print or the mat that will surround it when you get it framed.