Unique Wedding Sweets to Delight Your Guests

Brownie cake pops

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Are you and your fiancé not big fans of cake? No one says you have to serve a traditional wedding cake at your reception. If you're looking for a unique dessert idea to serve at your upcoming wedding, we've rounded up some of the most interesting and trendy desserts to consider for your big day. From ice cream to donuts, this list is sure to activate your sweet tooth! When it comes to catering your wedding day dessert, these are some super fun options to consider. 

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    Booze-Infused Ice Cream From Tipsy Scoop

    Boozy Ice Cream from Tipsy Scoop
    Courtesy of Tipsy Scoop

    If you love liquor and ice cream, what could be better than combining the two into one delicious sweet treat? That's exactly what Tipsy Scoop has done with their hand-crafted ice creams, and the results are beyond delicious! 

    Their liquor-infused ice cream flavors are all inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails and are made with local and seasonal ingredients. They have up to 5% ABV, for a sweet treat that can get you tipsy! With flavors like Irish Coffee, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and Red Velvet Martini, this delicious treat is sure to delight your guests so much, they won't notice if you close the open bar an hour early. 

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    Edible Drinkware From Bar Candy

    Edible Drinkware from Bar Candy
    Courtesy of Bar Candy

    If you're looking for a unique treat to offer your guests on your big day, you'll love the edible chocolate glasses from Bar Candy. Enjoy champagne, cocktails, or a dessert from inside the chocolate cones, and then eat the glass itself! The glasses are available in 5.5 oz or 2.5 oz miniature size and resembles a champagne flute.

    Made from high-quality Belgian chocolate, Bar Candy edible dessert glasses are sure to delight your guests. Use their glass or plastic disposable holders to keep your hands clean while enjoying your sweet treat. Choose from dark, milk, white, or white chocolate marbled varieties. This edible glassware can stand at room temperature for hours and are durable enough to hold liquid and desserts without melting or losing form. 

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    All-Natural Cotton Candy From Spin Spun

    Champagne Cotton Candy Cocktail from Spin-Spun
    Courtesy of Spin-Spun

    If you've got a major sweet tooth and a love of nostalgia, perhaps a Cotton Candy station is up to your alley for your big day treats! Treat your guests to a sugar fix with the hand-spun all-natural cotton candy from Spin-Spun. This unique business offers on-site cotton candy spinning that is perfect for your guests to eat alone or even add to a cocktail! 

    Adding cotton candy to a champagne cocktail for an extra dose of sweetness! Who doesn't love a little sugar in their libations? Your guests (especially any little ones in tow) are sure to be delighted at this fresh-spun treat. 

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    Glittering Pretzels From Bijou Sweets

    Glittering Pretzels from Bijou Sweets
    Courtesy of Bijou Sweets

    If you love the combination of sweet and salty, then perhaps you'd like to offer your guests these gorgeous glittering pretzels from Bijou Sweets? Not only are they pretty to look at, but they also taste delicious! They use metallic sprinkles to make these tasty treats sparkle and shine so they are perfect for a festive event like a wedding!

    This company makes their pretzels in several different color and flavor combinations so you can choose the ones that work best for you and your wedding theme. These would make a great addition to a candy buffet, or even wrapped up as favors for your guests to take home from your reception. 

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    Miniature Donuts From Doughnuttery

    Miniature Doughnuts from Doughnuttery
    Courtesy of Doughnuttery

    In case you haven't heard, doughnuts are having a major moment when it comes to wedding desserts. There's been everything from doughnut cakes, towers, and even walls of doughnuts for your guests to pull a treat from. One twist on this trend that we're loving is miniature doughnuts, like these ones from Doughnuttery in NYC. 

    They can make their doughnuts super quickly using their doughnut robot, and then flavor them with various sprinkles, drizzles, spices, and even dipping sauces. These bite-size doughnuts are small in stature but big on flavor, and you surely won't be able to eat just one. Your guests will love them! Consider pairing them with a hot apple cider for a fall wedding or a fizzy champagne cocktail any time of the year. 

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    Cake Truffles From Milk Bar

    Cake Truffles from Milk Bar
    Courtesy of Milk Bar

    Perhaps you actually love cake but don't want to deal with an extra slicing fee from your reception venue or caterer. We've got a great option for you! Check out the delicious bite-size cake truffles from Milk Bar. Get all the flavor of a delicious cake in a tasty one-bite serving! They are great for weddings and events, and can even be ordered in a display like this beautiful croquembouche!

    Milk Bar is highly regarded for its home-style desserts and incredible flavors that put a twist on your old favorites. Consider pairing your cake truffles with their cereal milk ice cream or crack pie, which are two other items Milk Bar is famous for.