Jewelry Blogger Liz Kantner's Top 16 Engagement Rings

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    Stay Gold's Liz Kantner Has Found Your Engagement Ring

    During my recent trip to Denver, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Liz Kantner, author of the amazing jewelry blog, Stay Gold. Clearly we have a lot in common and had a great time talking shop, exploring the engagement ring possibilities at Victoriana Antique and Fine Jewelry and all the new jewelry collections on offer at Goldyn in the Highlands.

    Liz always has the inside track on all the cool, new, up-and-coming jewelry designers, frequently visiting their showrooms to uncover their unique processes and inspirations. So naturally I was dying to have her curate a selection of her favorite engagement rings, exclusively for About Style readers!

    “Engagement rings and wedding bands are exciting to me because  they’re so special and personal," says Liz. “They’re heirlooms that will be passed down to future generations. I love that engagement rings are getting thinner and more stackable, so you can keep adding rings to your set. I also like that more people are choosing alternative options—you don't have to have a diamond."

    As for Liz’s advice for choosing and selecting the perfect engagement ring, “don't worry about what other people are getting,” she says. “If you aren't liking any of the traditional options you're seeing, keep looking. There are so many great designs out there. Also, diamond size means nothing! ”

    You heard the lady… Click through to see her favorite engagement rings—she stopped herself at 16 and her picks are definitely sweet!

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    From Anna Sheffield...

    “Clean lines and a bold statement! This is a more modern, alternative style inspired by vintage design—specifically old movies from the silent film era. I love the classic element of emerald-cut diamonds in a very sleek setting.” 

    14k yellow gold and diamond Theda ring, $25,000, Anna Sheffield  

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    From Cathy Waterman...

    “A unique take on a classic look from an incredibly talented designer. The grey diamond works perfectly with the leaf detail on the side.”

    Rustic Diamond Leafside ring, $8,200, available at Twist

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    From Polly Wales...

    "Classic, but also unique. Each of Polly's designs is a wearable work of art." 

    18k yellow gold and diamond Coco ring, $4,740, Polly Wales

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    From Communion by Joy...

    “Joy meditates before carving her jewelry designs in wax. This one-of-a-kind ring is completely unique and was clearly crafted with such care.” 

    14k yellow gold Temple of Light ring with gray, champagne and white diamonds, $2,880, Communion by Joy

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    From Jennie Kwon...

    “Jennie recently launched a bridal collection, and this engagement ring is my favorite style in the collection. The perfectly round, rose-cut center stone with baguette diamond accents is just so pretty.” 

    14k gold and diamond engagement ring, $4,900, Jennie Kwon

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    From Elisa Solomon...

    “Seemingly simple, beautifully detailed: a perfect platinum band with a small marquise-cut diamond. This would be a great ring to stack with other styles, adding a new band for each anniversary.” 

    Anna Karenina Marquise Diamond ring, $2,124, Elisa Solomon Exclusively for Catbird

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    From Jane Taylor...

    “A petite, classic statement in platinum featuring a baguette diamond center stone and carré and round diamond accents, this ring is perfection.”

    Cloud Swing ring, price on request, Jane Taylor Jewelry

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    From Erica Weiner...

    “Many brides are opting for antique engagement rings, and rightfully so—there are so many beautiful designs. This is a stunning, modern take on a style from the early 20th century.”

    14k gold and diamond Machine Age ring, $1,500, Erica Weiner Exclusively for Catbird

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    From Digby and Iona...

    “The textured metal—all recycled gold—is what caught my eye. I also love the idea of using seven smaller diamonds to create a bigger (yet affordable) look.”

    14k yellow gold and diamond Atreyu ring, $1,180, Digby and Iona

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    From Mociun...

    “Just stunning: I love the asymmetry of this ring and the gorgeous way the Old European cut diamonds are clustered.” 

    14k yellow gold Diamond Cluster Crescent ring, price upon request, Mociun

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    From Suzy Landa...

    “I’m not typically a fan of rose gold, but it works so well with this sleek, modern take on a halo design. I also love the thought of this ring stacked with platinum wedding bands.”

    18k rose gold ring with a two-carat round diamond center stone surrounded by .16 carats of diamond accents $3,520, Suzy Landa 

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    From Moira K Lime...

    “Handcrafted, affordable and unique! The kite-shaped center stone is a very pretty natural grayish white diamond—truly unique, with is soft, white tone and flashes of silver.”

    Recycled 14k yellow gold ring with a kite-shaped rose-cut diamond, $875, Moira K. Lime

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    From Nora Kogan...

     “This ring has been stuck in my head for a while. I love the vibrance of the emerald and the symbolic significance of the lover knots on each side.“

    18k yellow gold and pave diamond Emerald Knotty Ring, $8,600, Nora Kogan

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    From Ruth Tomlinson...

     “I love this alternative option to the traditional diamond engagement ring—simple, but very interesting details.” 

    18k white gold ring with Old Mine cut diamonds in set in “granule” prongs,  about $3,400, Ruth Tomlinson

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    From Julie Cohn...

    "A very simple, yet interesting option. Great for stacking and, in sterling silver and white topaz, so affordable!"  

    $275, Julie Cohn

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    From Tura Sugden...

    “Now, this is how you do a pear-shaped stone!” 

    Recycled 18k yellow gold ring with a .88-carat pear-shaped, rose-cut diamond center stone with pavé-set champagne round diamond accents, $9,200, Tura Sugden