7 Upcoming Garden Trends Blooming This Spring and Summer

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Whether you're a longtime gardener or just beginning to hone your green thumb, you're likely preparing to revamp your outdoor space for the spring season. If you're looking to take on a bit of a revamp but aren't sure where to begin, we've got you covered. We spoke with gardening experts on the top trends that will be making their way to backyards across the United States this year.

Meet the Expert

  • Lindsay Pangborn is a gardening expert for Bloomscape.
  • Garrett Magee is a cofounder of the landscaping and exterior design firm Manscapers. He is also a co-author of the book Take It Outside.
  • Sarah Barnard is the designer behind the eponymous firm.

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    Oversized Plants

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    These will be all the rage this coming season, Bloomscape's gardening expert Lindsay Pangborn notes. "As people become more confident in their gardening skills, they are more willing to make the investment in a large statement plant," she comments. "As a bonus—these plants are typically easier to care for since they're well-established and their larger pot is more forgiving of an inconsistent watering routine." Bring on those tall orange trees!

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    Extending the Indoors Outside

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    And speaking of orange trees—the more colorful your outdoor plants this season, the better, Pangborn adds. "Color-wise in the garden, we predict lots of focus on combinations incorporating a wide range of different colors in a response to the heavy neutral trends of our interior spaces," she comments. "The more colors, the better to bring joy and brightness to outdoor spaces as they evolve into a valuable extension of our interior rooms."

    To further make gardens an extensions of the indoors, "Keep your living room style going from your interior to exterior," notes Garrett Magee of the Manscapers, an exterior design and landscaping firm based in New York. "Instead of a coffee table why not do a coffee table with a lid that removes to reveal a fire table? Being outside with the comforts of inside is more important than ever right now."

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    Multipurpose Furnishings

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    The garden should be a calming space in which to relax and unwind from a busy day while enjoying the warmer weather, so at least a bit of furniture is key. "Multipurpose furniture offers the greatest range of options in the least amount of space, letting greenery and nature shine," designer Sarah Barnard says. "One of my favorite outdoor options is a daybed with a canopy, which offers an area for napping or lounging, with back support when needed for working or socializing outdoors. The canopy protects from the sun while preserving views." Win-win!

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    Wildlife Habitats


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    Bring on those bees! "Many gardens are now incorporating wildlife habitats through plantings and design features to encourage wildlife," Barnard comments. "Native plants will attract more bees and local pollinators, with various flower shapes drawing a diverse range of bees. Providing clean, maintained, and regularly refilled water sources, from birdbaths to small dishes or ponds, provide a space for creatures to hydrate and clean." Barnard notes that focusing on soil health will also support a healthy wildlife habitat.

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    Adding Accessories


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    Take your garden to the next level with a pergola, birdbath, fire table, or wall planter, Magee suggests. For example, with a pergola, "Creating an outdoor room and having shade is essential. If you are looking for a more permanent structure rather than just an umbrella, then a pergola is perfect," he adds. "You can also train vines to grow up adding more shade for your outdoor space."

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    Incorporating a Cut Flower Garden

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    Why purchase a bouquet at the store when you can grow fresh flowers in your own yard? As Magee notes, "Growing flowers can make any outdoor space come to life, but why not dedicate an area specifically for flowers that are grown to be cut for arranging? This type of garden is becoming very popular with flower enthusiasts that love to arrange flowers for vases and bring some colorful beauty into their homes."

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    Focusing on Year-Round Beauty

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    A garden shouldn't just be seasonal, Magee notes. "Now that more people are using their outdoor spaces year round, it's important to plant gardens not only for the spring and summer months but also the winter," he says. It all comes down to picking plants that will shine even in cooler temps. Magee says, "Select plants that have winter beauty. Some plants such as Americana dogwood have beautiful red bark for the winter months."