6 DIYs To Update Your Bedroom's Dresser

Update your dated or bland affordable dresser and transform it into something that is perfect for your dream bedroom with these 6 easy do it yourself ideas.

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    DIY Inlay Malm Dresser

    Inlay Malm Dresser
    Inlay Malm Dresser. Amanda Carol Interiors

    Update your plain Ikea Malm dresser by purchasing pre-cut custom inlays designed for Ikea furniture available at Overlays. Amanda from Amanda Carol Interiors transformed her white 6 drawer Malm dresser into a custom glam piece of furniture using Greek key inlays available at Overlays. To create the dresser she painted the Greek keys inlays in gold paint and attached the inlays using the adhesive tabs on the back of her Malm dresser. It couldn't be easier to add some detailing to your dresser, and takes the bland Malm dresser into a gorgeous custom piece of furniture that no one could tell came from Ikea.

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    DIY Ombre Dresser

    Ombre Dresser
    Ombre Dresser. Cape 27

    Create your own ombre dresser to add additional color to your room. Cape 27 updated her Koppang dresser from Ikea by removing the drawers and using a roller brush to paint each of the three drawers a different shade of yellow. The lightest shade of yellow was used for the top drawer, a medium shade of yellow on the middle, and the brightest shade of yellow was painted on the bottom drawer. To complete the look, plastic crystal handles were installed to finish off this fun eye-catching piece of furniture.

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    DIY Painted Inlay Dresser

    Painted Inlay Dresser
    Painted Inlay Dresser. Little Green Notebook

    Little Green Notebook saved hundreds of dollars by reproducing the look of a hand painted inlay dresser by painting her own dresser to recreate the look. The brilliant intricate detailing added her dresser is breath taking. To create the look first the dresser was painted in lilac paint using a foam paint roller. Next using a 1/4 inch angled brush and some inspirational photographs the patterned designs were hand painted using a lighter shade of paint. If you are free-hand painting your own furniture keep in mind you can easily touch up mistakes later by painting over the error with the base lilac paint. To make things even easier, consider printing off design patterns and using carbon paper to transfer the design onto the furniture so you simply need to paint over the traced lines using an angled brush.

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    DIY Studded Trim Dresser

    Studded Trim Dresser
    Studded Trim Dresser. Making It With Danielle

    To provide ample storage for her master bedroom Danielle from Making It With Danielle used three of Ikea's Rast dressers side by side. To create the studded purple dresser all three dressers were painted in plum paint. Next a stencil for the studded trim was created by printing a rectangle with rounded corners, and this shape was then cut out. Next, the stencil was placed in the middle of each drawer and traced onto the drawers using a pencil. The studs were attached to the traced pattern using E600 glue, and the handles for the drawers were painted silver to match the silver studded trim.

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    DIY Paint and Wood Herringbone Dresser

    Paint and Wood Herringbone Dresser
    Paint and Wood Herringbone Dresser. Pneumatic Addict

    Pneumatic Addict updated her dated 1980s dresser by painting a herringbone pattern on the front of the drawers. To begin this do it yourself project the exterior of the dresser was painted using the Martha Stewart paint in pewter. To create the herringbone pattern the middle of the drawer was measured and marked with a pencil line, the 45 degree angled strips were created by taping every second stripe with painters tape. This process of alternating stripes was done above and below the horizontal line but in the reverse order. For the bottom section of the drawer with a tape line was done first followed by a line that would be painted, while the reverse was done for the top section of the drawer so it would start with a painted line followed by a taped line. All parts of the drawer that were not covered with painters tape were then painted to create the herringbone pattern. For more information on how to create the look visit Pneumatic Addict.

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    DIY Mirrored Dresser

    Mirrored Dresser
    Mirrored Dresser. Blissfully Domestic

    Blissfully Domestic transformed a well-worn free dresser she was given by painting the entire dresser with Regent Metallic Silver Base paint by Ralph Lauren. Next she attached pieces of mirror cut to size for the drawers, side and top of the dresser and attached them with liquid nail glue. After the mirrored panels had dried new hardware pulls were added to complete the stunning mirror dresser that was made for $35.