Update Your Office With These 9 DIYs

Re-purpose, Organize & Create Your Dream Office Space

From your home office to your cubicle at work, organize and decorate wherever you work with these creative do-it-yourself ideas. 

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    Give a makeover to your old mouse pad by gluing on a piece of suede over and painting gold leaf to create dots on the suede. To create the perfect dots for your mouse pad Lovely Indeed recommends taking a piece of freezer paper and punching a hole in it with a hole punch to create a stencil that you can iron shinny side down to hold it in place.  

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    DIY Patterned Hanging Office Files
    DIY Patterned Hanging Office Files. Lets Get Crafty

    There is nothing exciting about filing papers, but at least you can make the experience slightly more enjoyable by decorating your file holders with your favorite patterned wrapping paper as demonstrated by Lets Get Crafty.

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    DIY Paper Organizer
    DIY Paper Organizer. Amy Krist

    Keep your papers organized by crafting your own in out box, as done by Amy Krist, by using two trays and a cut plastic hanger as the paper organizer's legs. After assembling, give the paper organizer a matching look by spray painting the legs and trays to match. 

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    DIY Corkboard
    DIY Corkboard. Oh Everything Handmade
    Hang important documents and cherished documents right near your desk with this Ikea hack by Oh Everything Handmade that uses the round cork sold for protecting your surfaces from hot pots. Paint the cork circles with acrylic paint and nail to the wall, now you are ready to break out your push pins and pin anything you wish.
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    DIY Coordinated Stationary Storage
    DIY Coordinated Stationary Storage. Homey Oh My

    Often office essentials like a tape dispense, pencil cup, and containers for business cards or paper clips are available in a very limited number of bland options that may not match with each other. Coordinate your desk essentials by painting them with spray paint. For an especially chic look, mask off part of the containers, such as the exterior of bowls as done by Homey Oh My and spray paint the interior to give a two tone finish.

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    DIY Paint Chip Dry Erase Calendar
    DIY Paint Chip Dry Erase Calendar.

    Grab seven paint chips in your favorite colors, or cut out 35 colored squares as Me and My DIY did, and frame them so that the squares create a five by seven grid to create your own dry erase calendar.

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    DIY Office Chair Update
    DIY Office Chair Update. Stephanie White

    Update your generic office chair by spray painting the arm rests and legs with a can of spray paint, or paint the entire chair by purchasing a can of spray painting suitable for fabric. Just the simple update of painting this black office chair's arm rest from black to silver instantly updates the look of the chair to look more modern and expensive. 

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    DIY Library Wall
    DIY Library Wall. Bliss At Home

    Chances are if you have a larger office space you will a bookcase to help store all your office supplies and books. Using four of Ikea's Billy bookcases Bliss At Home created her own library wall by framing the exterior of the bookcases to give a built-in look, complete with integrated lighting and a hidden sound system that makes for an amazing focal wall for all your odds and ends.

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    DIY Heart Paper Clips
    DIY Heart Paper Clips. How About Orange

    Add a romantic touch to your office by adding heart shaped paper clips to your documents. To create your own simply bend out the inner loop of a standard paper clip, as demonstrated by How About Orange to create a heart paper clip.