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    How to Choose an Upholstered Headboard or Bed

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    People find upholstered headboards and beds are desirable for many reasons. They are available in a great variety of sizes, styles, colors and materials. Upholstered headboards are also popular with DIYers, because a simple one is easy to make, even for novices.

    An upholstered headboard can be mounted onto the wall, or be attached to the bed frame. But this is not all. There are several configuration choices for an upholstered bed, from relatively simple ones which have upholstered headboards...MORE only, to entire frames, which may be padded and covered in fabric. The frames come in different styles too.

    Selecting an Upholstered Bed:

    Some factors you may want to consider before making or purchasing an upholstered bed:

    • Style and shape: Are you going to a traditional bed or a more contemporary one?
    • Type: What type of bed are you looking for. A daybed? A platform bed? One with posts?
    • Size: Upholstered beds can be in all different sizes ranging from Twin to Full, Queen or King.

    Upholstered Bed Style Considerations:

    There are some additional style considerations:

    • Wall-mounted or attached to the bed frame: Will you attach the upholstered headboard to the bed frame or mount on the wall?
    • High, wide, or low: Do you want a wide headboard or a high one? The headboard may be wider than your bed creating a nice focal point in the room.
    • Fabric selection: Do you want texture or pattern? Have you selected a color?
    • Nail heads or not: Would you like to add nail heads to your upholstered headboard? What color or size? A double row or single?
    • Finally, do you want a tufted headboard or panels? How about a frame or a wraparound style?

    Featured here: The Sanctuary bed from Hooker. It has a high, tufted, traditional style headboard.

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    Contemporary Upholstered Headboard

    Hudson Street Warm Cocoa Avenue Upholstered Bed by Stanley Furniture
    Hudson Street Warm Cocoa Avenue Upholstered Bed by Stanley Furniture. Photo (c) Stanley

    Contemporary upholstered headboards are a perfect fit for contemporary or bedrooms. Simpler in style, and often covered in neutral colors, contemporary upholstered headboards bring a touch of softness and comfort in a bedroom that might otherwise be too stark. They may or may not be tufted.

    These headboards might be paired with metal, wood or upholstered bed frames, that have straight or gently curved lines.

    This bed from Stanley's Hudson Street collection is reminiscent of mid-20th-century...MORE design with clean lines, neutral colored fabric, and a dark frame with a distressed cocoa finish. The frame surrounds the headboard as well.

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    Upholstered Sleigh Bed

    American Drew Bob Mackie Classics Upholstered Leather Sleigh Bed
    American Drew Bob Mackie Classics Upholstered Leather Sleigh Bed. Photo (c) American Drew

    The sleigh bed is a very popular bed style, a classic that has endured.

    An upholstered sleigh bed provides graceful soft lines, as well as soft, padded comfort that hints at luxury. Very often sleigh beds will be upholstered with leather, bonded leather or faux leather. You can certainly find fabric also, but for this luxurious look, leather seems a good match.

    The bed featured here is from American Drew has Art Nouveau influenced crocodile embossed leather panels. The frame has a nutmeg finish.

    Ame...MORErican Drew Bob Mackie Classics Upholstered Leather Sleigh Bed:

    Louis Philippe Style

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    Upholstered Beds with Upholstered Frames

    Sarajevo Dark Brown Tufted Upholstered Queen Bed
    Sarajevo Dark Brown Tufted Upholstered Queen Bed. Photo (c) PriceGrabber

    Upholstered frames give a soft padded look to the entire bed, and you will find them in both traditional and contemporary styles. The covering could be fabric, leather or leather-like.

    The bed featured here is covered in vinyl, and for that reason, quite affordable. Leather, bonded leather or vinyl are all good options for allergy sufferers as they are easy to keep clean and dust free.

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    Upholstered Headboard and Footboard

    European Farm House bed with upholstered headboard and footboard from Stanley
    European Farm House bed with upholstered headboard and footboard from Stanley. Photo (c) Stanley

    Upholstered beds are often all about the headboard, but you will notice that the use of upholstered footboards can give a complete look, especially to traditionally styled beds.

    Featured: European Farm House bed with upholstered headboard and footboard from Stanley.

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    Upholstered Wingback Bed

    Upholstered Wingback Bed
    Upholstered Wingback Bed. Photo (c) PriceGrabber

    Wingback chairs are strong favorites in plenty of living and family rooms. Upholstered wingback beds echo that style, as they feature the same wings that make these chairs so comfortable.

    They can be found in both tufted or plain styles. Wingback upholstered beds can appear to be surprisingly modern or look very traditional depending on the treatment.

    Featured: Tufted Wingback Upholstered Queen Bed

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    Upholstered Canopy Bed

    Artisan Poster Bed
    Artisan Poster Bed. Photo (c) Hickory Chair Furniture

    A canopy bed gives a very sheltered, almost cocooned feel. It is a room within a room, and when it is upholstered it can be even more comforting.

    The Artisan Poster Bed from Hickory Chair Furniture comes with either a high or low upholstered headboard. You can also choose between a plain or tufted headboard. The frame is in either Ash or Mahogany.