22 Stylish Bedrooms With Chic Upholstered Headboards

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    Boost Your Comfort With an Upholstered Headboard

    If you are looking to boost comfort in your bedroom, consider getting an upholstered headboard.

    Unlike an unpadded option, it will give you a cushy surface to lean on while sitting up in bed. And most types are pretty easy to install, mount on a wall or attach to a bed frame. The best part, accessories like these come in a great variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Got a couple of notches in your DIY tool belt? Whipping one up from scratch is a relatively easy weekend project. To make your bed extra dreamy, behold these comfy, upholstered headboard ideas. 

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    Channel Tufted Headboard

    Channel Tufted Headboard
    Alexandra Phénix Designs

    Are you looking to add a splash of girlie glam to your bedroom? Los Angeles based interior design firm Alexandra Phénix Designs works the look with a blush channel headboard by Delmar.

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    Moroccan Inspired Ogee Headboard

    A curvy ogee headboard picked up for cheap at TJ Maxx anchors this beautiful blue bedroom by interior designer Marcelle Guilbeau. On top of the bed is a decorative pillow made from a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket.

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    Tall Tufted Headboard

    This enchanting bedroom by Elizabeth Bomberger at Homepolish is full of colorful accents and touchable textures. Our favorite feature is the luxurious burgundy, tufted headboard that was made to order.

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    Create a Feature Wall With Upholstered Panels

    We worship timeless spaces like this beautiful, neutral bedroom by interior designer Susan Glick. She created a soft and comfortable feature wall using upholstered headboard panels. Accessories like these are designed for easy install and come in different widths, fabrics, and colors. And here is a useful tip: You can use them to soundproof any room in your home.

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    How to Refresh an Old Upholstered Headboard

    If your current headboard feels a tad tired, but you don't have the cash to replace it, behold this thrifty idea from Amber Interior Design. Here the designer perks up an upholstered headboard with a cute throw.

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    Gray and White Striped Headboard

    Shea McGee, the interior designer behind Studio McGee, says this bedroom she decorated is all about the gray and white striped headboard. It is a simple idea that adds a smattering of pattern to the small space.

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    Glossy Leather Tufted Headboard in White

    If you crave bold colors at home, catch a glimpse of this splashy ​space in a New York beach house by Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design. Topping off the bed is a glossy, leather tufted headboard in a crisp shade of white.

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    It Takes Less Than a Day to Make This Headboard

    The Weekend Decorator at One Kings Lane blog came up with this DIY that transforms two bench cushions into an insanely chic headboard. The best part, the project only took one afternoon to create. FYI, the wall got a two-toned paint job before hanging each cushion using leather straps.

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    Upholstered Leather Headboard

    A dark, brown leather headboard adds a classic touch to this eclectic bedroom by Ashley Bell Interiors. We think leather is an excellent choice for headboards because it is easy to keep clean and dust free.

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    Headboard Adds a Pop of Color

    This yellow headboard adds a pop of refreshing color to a young girl's bedroom designed by Jennifer Powers from Pluff Interiors

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    Luxurious Mohair Velvet Headboard

    Here interior designer Tamara Hubinsky uses luxurious mohair velvet in deep purple to create this giant and silky soft headboard. The brass nail heads outlining the feature adds to its high-end vibe.

    So that you know, mohair velvet is an extremely durable and high luster material with a buttery feel. 

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    Pretty Floral Headboard

    In this charming bedroom by Town House Interiors, a large headboard is a grand focal point. The pretty floral fabric enlivens the space with springlike colors.

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    Velvet Wingback Headboard

    A wingback styled headboard in tufted velvet lends drama to a music-themed guest room at the Ampersand Hotel. For a touch of color, two chartreuse pillows pop against the crisp, white bedding.

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    Plush Bed Frame With Upholstered Headboard

    An upholstered bed with an upholstered headboard steals the show in this elegant space by Jodie Rosen Design. The plush bench at the end of the bed enhances coziness.

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    Storage Wall With Built-In Headboard

    We love smart built-ins that maximize square footage. The one in this cozy bedroom by Elms Interior Design features an upholstered headboard with overhead lighting.

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    How to Soften up a Oak Headboard

    The Penny Bed spotted on Amber Interior Design comes equipped with a detachable cushion that softens up the solid oak headboard. 

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    Consider a Corner Headboard

    In this small bedroom by Chandos Interiors a corner headboard and matching bed skirt dress up a twin mattress. Yellow striped wallpaper keeps the space from feeling too matchy-matchy.

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    Upholstered Headboard in Patterned Fabric

    Rebecca Jansma from Space, Grace, and Style gave this bedroom a bold and dramatic new look by combining contrasting patterns. To further spice things up, she went with a fancily shaped headboard.

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    Large Upholstered Headboard Panels

    In this Pasadena, California home, Julia Wong Designs installed curtains and five sizable upholstered headboard panels behind a queen-sized bed. The result is a beautiful bedroom that feels incredibly relaxing.

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    Complete the Look of Your Upholstered Bed

    Typically upholstered beds are all about the headboard. But we think footboards are essential too. But what if your bed does not have one? Consider an upholstered bench. We love the one shown here in this calming bedroom by Susan Glick Interiors for two reasons: First, it matches the headboard. Second, it completes the look of the upholstered bed.

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    DIY This Cute Pillow Headboard

    Think you cannot afford a cute upholstered headboard? This stylish DIY project by Dutch blogger ​Julies Kreahule shares how easy it is to make one—no sewing skills are required! The main ingredient is a long pillow. To get started, you will also need two leather straps and a couple of screws.

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    Modern Upholstered Headboard Brings Balance

    In this California inspired bedroom in an Austin, Texas home decorated by Studio McGee, simple bedding, and a contemporary headboard add balance to a room filled with decorative vintage accents.