21 Best Upside Down Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


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Mix up your holiday decorating routine this year with an upside down Christmas tree—yep it is a thing! Trees like these can hang from the ceiling, or you can buy a free-standing option (as shown) that stands on its head. Whichever type decks your halls, these ideas will help you transform an inverted tree into a festive display.

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    Scandinavian Inspired Upside Down Christmas Tree

    scandi chic upside down xmas tree

    modernbohomom / Instagram

    Fans of Nordic design will adore this Scandinavian-inspired upside-down Christmas tree by modernbohomom. From glass ornaments to mesh wire stars, the décor obsessed mother embellished her tree with classic ornaments in both blue and neutral tones. The base of the evergreen near the ceiling was topped off with several strands of string lights.

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    Upside Down Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree

    Smart Fun DIY

    Colorful stars crafted from drinking straws, traditional ball ornaments, and pom-pom ice cream cones made of yarn and felt gussy up this upside down Christmas tree featured on Smart Fun DIY.

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    Spinning Christmas Ornaments

    upside down xmas tree vintage decorations

    Thrifty Fun

    The owner of this upside down Christmas tree spotted on Thrifty Fun has been collecting holiday ornaments for more than 30 years. Many of the decorations shown are on tiny rotator motors, so when the tree lights switch on the ornaments spin.

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    Save Space With a Corner Upside Down Christmas Tree

    white christmas tree upside down

    ari.the.mal / Instagram

    If you are short on square footage, consider a corner upside down Christmas tree with a flat back as shown. Even though this artificial white tree posted on Instagram by ari.the.mal is pretty tall, it does not take up much floor space.

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    Large Silk Flowers on Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Ribbon and flower upside down christmas tree

    idoevents760 / Instagram

    This elegant upside down Christmas tree featured on idevents760's Instagram feed is decorated with an assortment of red, silver, and gold round ornaments punctuated by silk roses and patterned ribbon.

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    Minimalist Upside Down Christmas Tree


    saradf3 / Instagram

    The holiday season can get pretty hectic. So when it comes to decorating your tree, keeping things simple could be the best way to go. For the Instagram user, saradf3 it only took a couple of dozen round gold ornaments, one strand of string lights, and handmade wire stars to bring this natural evergreen to a festive new level.

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    Create a Frozen Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Icicles on upside down Christmas tree

    Savannah Chloe Skoch / Instagram

    Create a frozen upside down Christmas tree using tinsel and silver bead garland. To personalize her frosty faux evergreen, Savannah Chloe Skoch added colorful ornaments in untraditional holiday hues.

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    Hang Christmas Ornaments With Ribbon

    Idea Home Show London Upside Down Christmas Tree
    Amanda Neilson

    We love simple ideas that make a chic statement like this upside down Christmas tree by U.K. based Interior designer Amanda Neilson. She decked it out with inexpensive white ornaments held in place with white ribbon.

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    Silver Garland and Glass Christmas Ornaments

    simply decorated upside down christmas tree

    Country Cat Boarding / Instagram

    You don't need to cover every inch of your Christmas tree to make a statement this holiday season. Case in point, this lovely upside down example shared on Instagram by Country Cat Boarding. Silver garland and traditional glass ornaments in beautiful shapes, colors, and finishes add dazzle without making the tree feel fussy,

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    Sea Themed Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Branch style upside Christmas tree

    satokobutsofiatatstarbucks / Instagram

    Give an upside down Christmas tree a personal twist with a decorating theme. Here sparkly sea themed ornaments in blue, green, or pink light up this holiday tree by Instagram user satokobutsofiaatstarbucks.

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    Fresh Cut Evergreen Hung Upside Down

    Natural upside down Christmas tree

    florist_from_the_forest / Instagram

    Freshly cut trees are naturally lovely and do not necessarily need lots of decorations to get into the holiday spirit. florist_from_the_forest uses a small number of ornaments and a single strand of string lights to highlight this evergreen's earthy beauty.

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    Cat Proof Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Cat proof upside down christmas tree

    emigreen11 / Instagram

    Cats and Christmas trees are not a good mix. This smart upside down Christmas tree idea by emigreen shows how to keep a faux evergreen out of a feline's reach. She bolted her tiny tree to the ceiling. For extra visual interest, she added faked gifts.

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    Give a Light Fixture a Christmas Makeover

    Light fixture doubling as upside down christmas tree

    debdebdarling / Instagram

    An existing ceiling light fixture gets a holiday makeoverDedebdarling got the job done using a metal spiral tree decoration hung upside.

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    This Upside Down Christmas Tree Comes With a Twist

    Spinning Upside Down Christmas Tree
    Alba Dorsch

    Interior designer Alba Dorsch out of Dallas, Texas installed this upside down Christmas tree on her ceiling. She stuck to a classic white and red color scheme using a mix of faux poinsettias and shiny round ornaments. But do not let this display's traditional looks fool you. The surprising twist? The tree spins at the touch of a button.

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    Modern and Timeless Upside Christmas Tree

    black and white upside down Christmas tree

    Boozefighter_roxbury143 / Instagram

    Boozefighter_roxbury143 struck a balance between modern and timeless when decorating his upside down Christmas tree. He trimmed his faux evergreen with pearl garland and geometric ornaments in a mix of white, black, silver, and gold.

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    Chic and Affordable Upside Down Christmas Tree Idea

    white gold and red upside down Christmas tree

    dardaib / Instagram

    Here a small and inexpensive white Christmas tree is hung upside down by dardaib. Instead of piling on the ornaments, he went with a chic minimalist theme using red and gold decorations sparingly.

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    Glam Pink, Gold, and Green Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Upside down tree on a stick

    reyofsunshine11 / Instagram

    Decorations in soft colors and metallic ornaments pop on a green Christmas tree. Reyofsunshine11's collection of glam pink and gold ornaments transformed his sparse, faux evergreen into a chic holiday confection.

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    Traditional Upside Down Christmas Tree With Handmade Ornaments

    red and white christmas tree

    simonjbull / Instagram

     A holiday tree decked out with DIY ornaments will bring a heartwarming vibe to any room. This for instance by simonjbull features decorations the entire family can make together. The hearts and snowflakes are punched craft paper. The mini stockings are a no-sew felt project. The soft, stuffed ball and bird ornaments are also handmade. Inexpensive projects like these are what transform simple embellishments into sentimental ornaments your family will treasure for years to come.

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    Blue, White, and Silver Upside Down Christmas Tree

    White ribbon upside down christmas tree

    Rory Patterson / Instagram

    Curled ribbon adds pizazz to this blue, white, and silver upside down Christmas tree by Rory Patterson.

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    Pre-Lit Upside Down Christmas Tree

    prelit upside down christmas tree

    matthewgarsha / Instagram

    Sometimes all you need to get holiday ready is a pre-lit tree with no ornaments. The only decoration matthewgarsha added to his faux evergreen is a plaid Christmas tree skirt.

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    Match Your Ornaments to Your Room's Color Scheme

    Colorful upside holiday tree

    Chinoiserie Chic

    Express yourself by making your upside down Christmas as unique as your decorating style. Beth, the blogger behind Chinoiserie Chic, selected tree ornaments that matched her living room's lively color scheme.