Review of "Urine Off" Odor and Stain Remover

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Alysia Macaulay / Getty Images

Urine is one of the most difficult carpet stains to treat. Not only does it leave a stain and foul odor, but as any pet owner can tell you, it attracts pets to the spot over and over again and encourages them to mark their territory.

Urine Off is a product specifically formulated to eliminate urine from carpet, as well as upholstery, mattresses, and other textile products. Urine Off, manufactured by Bio-Pro Research, offers a money-back guarantee that it will successfully remove the stain and odor caused by urine.

The key to dealing with urine stains is to not just remove the appearance of the stain and the odor but to eliminate the urine. This will, by default, take care of the stain and the noticeable odor, and will also take the spot off of pets’ radar. The problem is, most carpet spot treatment products are not designed to eliminate urine.

How Urine Off Works

The science behind the product sounds a bit complicated at first but is quite simple. Urine contains a component called uric acid, which is comprised of tiny crystals. These crystals are the primary source of the problem in urine stains, because they are insoluble, meaning they cannot be dissolved by water or traditional cleaners.

Urine Off contains enzymes and microorganisms (bacteria) that eat away the crystals in the uric acid. Thus, the problem disappears, along with the stain and the odor.

How to Use It

The directions state that for the best effectiveness, the spot should be saturated. This is not a product to be used sparingly. When it comes to Urine Off, the wetter, the better, and for longer. In other words, you don’t want the spot to dry too quickly, or it will not have a chance to work. For older stains or really tough spots, it is recommended that you saturate the spot and then cover it with plastic to prevent premature drying.

After applying the solution, allow it to dry naturally. In the event you have covered the spot with plastic, remove the plastic after approximately 12 hours and blot dry. If the stain or odor persists, you may reapply Urine Off and follow the same steps.

Does It Work?

Yes. With minimal effort, the urine stain on the carpet was eliminated. It wasn't a highly visible stain with a noticeable odor, to begin with, only found by using the Urine Finder. But 24 hours after applying Urine Off, the stain was no longer visible under regular light.


One downfall is that the product can be a bit on the pricey side, especially when you are using a fair amount for each stain. However, many customers say the price is worth it. In most cases, you apply the product and let it do the rest. You don’t have to get your hands dirty. Although, if you have used a lot, you may want to rinse with cool water and blot dry after the stain has been removed to ensure there is no residue left on your carpet, which can lead to ​soiling.

The Bottom Line

Urine Off does what it promises to do (remove urine), and more (remove other types of stains). You may not care for its scent, although it is much nicer than the smell of whatever you are trying to clean, and it does a good job of masking the foul odor until it has eliminated the source of the odor. It is wonderfully simple to use, and overall is very effective in removing the stain from the carpet.