Websites to Introduce The U.S. Constitution for Kids

Learn About the United States Constitution for Kids and Families on the Internet

US Constitution
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It is never too early to introduce children to the cornerstone of our democracy by letting them explore The U.S. Constitution. The President of the United States swears to defend the Constitution. The American judicial system serves to uphold it. The Constitution is an essential part of every American’s history and heritage - adults and children alike. There are several good websites on the Internet that explain the Constitution to children of various ages.


The Constitution for Elementary School

Constitution for Kids K – 3 is simple, kid-friendly webpage created specifically for younger children. It gives the basics of the constitution in a straightforward manner with vocabulary appropriate for ages 5 through 8. It is a perfect starting point for learning about the Constitution. To see the classic School House Rock animated music video about the Constitution, visit School House Rock: The Preamble at SchoolTube. This tuneful, educational clip has been teaching kids about the meaning of the Constitution since 1975!

The Constitution for Middle School Students

Constitution for Kids Grades 4 – 7 presents a more detailed introduction to the Constitution, aimed at middle school students. It includes important topics such as the Founding Fathers, constitutional amendments, and the Bill of Rights. The material is written in a clear, concise manner and provides a good foundation for ​understanding how our government works.

Another quality website on the subject is called Constitution – Travel Back in History. This site was created by Congress for Kids, an online e-learning resource developed to teach kids about the Federal Government. It offers information about the Constitutional Convention, the powers of the federal government, and the three branches of the government.

The Constitution for High School Students

It won’t be long before your adolescent can exercise the precious right to vote. Before that happens, a solid understanding of the Constitution (and its importance) is essential. If some brushing up on the topic is necessary, visit Constitution for Kids Grades 8– 12. The content provided on this website is thorough, yet easy to understand. It also offers links to articles on related topics, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Framers, the Separation of Powers, and how a bill becomes a law.

There is no greater teaching tool than the real thing. To download a copy of the Constitution to read for yourself, visit U.S. Constitution Online.