Uses for the Color Black in Feng Shui

A room with black furniture

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In the ancient Asian practice of feng shui, color is an expression of the energy of light and is thus a very powerful tool for managing the flow and quality of energy. Further, each of the five feng shui elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—is represented by a different color, and thus the use of color is one of the very best ways to manipulate the quality of energy in the home and bring harmony to your spaces.

The Color Black in Feng Shui

The color black is full of the feng shui energy of mystery and sophistication—it holds the energy of power and protection. As the color of night, deep waters, and the universal void, black in feng shui practice adds depth, strength, and definition to any space in which it is used.

In feng shui, the color black is attached to the element of water, the North direction, and it is the color of yin—the feminine, passive energy in the classic yin-yang dualism so important to feng shui.

Some common symbolic meanings of the color black in feng shui include:

  • The depth of fear and the courage it takes to overcome it
  • The will and perseverance necessary to accomplish life's goals
  • LIfe's mysteries and the philosophic outlook necessary to deal with them
  • A sense of flow and connection to the surrounding world

Proper Uses of Black for Good Feng Shui

While it can convey a heavy feeling if used in large proportions, black is a necessary feng shui grounding element to any decor. It can be used sparingly to emphasize other feng shui colors and to bring strength and presence to any room.

  • Use black freely in the north (water), east (wood), and southeast (wood) areas of the feng shui bagua.
  • Because black brings the feng shui energy of grounding and stability, its best use indoors should be not much higher than eye level (this does not apply to commercial or retail spaces.)
  • Being a water feng shui color, black can be a powerful feng shui cure to use in the north area of your space to attract career opportunities.
  • Black used in moderation in or near a door or entryway helps you foster qualities such as flow, courage, and connection.
  • You can bring black into play by using it in furniture colors, in black and white photos mounted in black frames, or in a mirror (also water energy) mounted in a black frame.


Black carries a heavy symbolic load, so it is important to use it carefully. Too much black carries an overwhelming amount of water energy, and it can make you feel as though you are aimlessly drifting. In a space with too much black, it can be balanced with earth colors (yellow) or metal colors (whites). Avoid black in the south (fire) area of your space, and use it in moderation in children's rooms, as well as in the main entry, kitchen, and dining room.