How To Use the Color Brown for Good Feng Shui

Brown can represent either the earth or wood element

feng shui brown color tips
Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty

In feng shui, each color represents one or more specific elements. Feng shui helps you use a given color to create good energy in your space based on the unique expression of the color, including its elemental energy.

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Some colors are very easy to relate to an element. For example, red and orange are always an expression of the Fire feng shui element, and green is always an expression of the Wood element.

Wood or Earth Element

There are two colors, though, that can be a bit tricky to easily correlate to a specific feng shui element, and brown is one of them. (The other color is yellow, which can be an expression of either the Earth element or the Fire element, depending on its intensity).

A deeper brown color represents the feng shui element of Wood and is best used in the following feng shui bagua (map) areas: East (Health & Family), Southeast (Wealth & Abundance), and South (Fame & Reputation). That's because the wood element is related to vitality and prosperity.

A very light brown color will be expressing the Earth feng shui element and is best used in the bagua areas related to Love and Marriage (Southwest), Spiritual Growth and Cultivation (Northeast), and the Center of your space. You can also use a light brown in the bagua areas of Creativity and Children (West) and Helpful People and Blessings (Northwest). The earth element in your home or office is related to stability, calm relationships, and inner balance.

The Main Entry or Kitchen

Brown has a nourishing feng shui quality of energy, and in the decorating of living and working spaces, it is most popular in rich tones associated with yummy dark chocolate, gourmet coffee, and beautiful mahogany wood. It is an excellent feng shui color choice for your main entry or kitchen or as a feature wall in the living room or bedroom. Avoid a predominant deep brown color scheme in your children's bedrooms, as well as in the Southwest feng shui bagua area of your home.

Any space, be it a home or office, with a strong presence of brown in its interior decorating may result in a lack of ambition and drive to go forward in life. Therefore, it is always a good feng shui idea to keep the brown color well-balanced and in good harmony with other colors.

A Classic Combination

The combo of chocolate brown and robin's-egg blue is one of the most popular color combinations used in interior decor, as well as in the design of many home-related products. Because the dark brown is a Wood feng shui element and the blue is a water element, these colors create a warm and fresh quality of energy when used together.

With its rich and deeply balancing feng shui presence, brown can bring nourishing energy into your home decor and offer health, wealth, and stability when used correctly.