Using White for Good Feng Shui

White rocks on white linen

GSPictures / Getty Images 

Knowing how to use color for good feng shui in your space can give you a great advantage, as well as ease and flexibility with your decorating choices. Color is a powerful cure that looks good in any home! Of course, you need to know how to intentionally use it to create specific feng shui energy.

The Color Paradox

The paradox of the color white is its multi-faceted, unique power. Pure white can create a strong statement in itself, and it can also combine or blend seamlessly with any other color.

Feng shui-wise, white is the color that belongs to the metal feng shui element. Its feng shui energy is crisp, clear, clean and fresh. White is the color of new beginnings, as well as clear endings.

Excellent for feng shui use anywhere in your home, especially to contrast brighter colors, white is the most versatile color that can help brighten the energy of any challenging room. Be it a dark basement or a narrow hallway, the crispness of white color will always bring fresh energy.

White is highly recommended for the feng shui areas where Metal is the dominant element. These are the West (Children & Creativity) and the Northwest (Helpful People and Blessings) bagua areas of your home or office.

Try to limit an all-white color scheme in the feng shui bagua areas of East and Southeast; bring it more as an accent, rather than a dominant color. Having a fresh, pure white space—be it your meditation space or your bathroom—will soothe your psyche and spread healing feng shui vibrations throughout your home. It will also fill your subconscious with the feng shui energy of ever-expanding possibilities and a bright new future.

A Supreme Color

The feng shui color of purity and innocence, white is also considered one of the supreme colors in ancient Yogi traditions. It is known to be the color of completion, ultimate wisdom, and assimilation of all life lessons.

Be it in the fresh white snow or in the immaculate dress of a beautiful bride, pure white color fascinates us with its feng shui energy of innocence and new possibilities.

While we are so used to having a dull white color on our walls—to the extent that some people do not even consider white to be a color—we know that this color is a powerhouse! Choose a bright, crisp and fresh white rather than a safe, dull white color, and you will fall in love with it.

As with the choice of any good colors for your home interior, the amount of light (both natural and artificial) plays a big role in how the color actually comes to life in your space. Be mindful of your lighting conditions when you choose the best white color for your home and enjoy its freshness and magical new beginnings!