How to Use Light Energy for Good Feng Shui

Bright modern living room in an old country house

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Feng shui is all about energy, and light is the strongest manifestation of energy. In fact, the light in your home — both natural and artificial lighting — greatly influences the quality of your home energy (the feng shui of your home.) Smart lighting and good quality air are the very basics of good feng shui, and should always be on top of your feng shui priorities for any space, be it home or business.

How Light Affects Your Body

Your body reacts to everything around you, and you either get nourished or drained by the energy that surrounds you. We strongly encourage you to become aware of the quality of light in your home or office and its influence on your health and well-being.

Light is our # 1 nutrient and has been called the medicine of the future. Make a habit of paying attention to how much good quality light you actually enjoy throughout the day, as well as the quality and number of the indoor light sources in your home or office.

Malillumination is the term coined by Dr. John Ott, a pioneer light researcher. He used this term to describe sunlight deficiency and the harmful effects of fluorescent lighting on human's behavior, learning abilities and overall health.

It is interesting to note that the use of cool white fluorescent lights has been legally banned in Germany at a Federal level. There are numerous studies on the negative effects of fluorescent lighting, as well as the benefits of full-spectrum lighting; all you have to do is devote some time to exploring this topic.

Knowing that color is light, how many colors are you actually enjoying in your space? Yes, you might not want to create an absolute rainbow of colors in your home, but the truth is that many homes are starving for beautiful, pure colors, starving for more light energy.

Think of the happiest humans out there, the little kids; their energy is constantly nourished by an abundance of colors! Most young children are vibrant, creative, happy because they allow themselves to absorb different frequencies of light. Can you imagine a little child clinging to a beige decor scheme? It just can't happen, as children are intuitively drawn to good energy.

How to Bring in More Light

Allow yourself to tap into a source of better energy, bring beauty into your home, bring more color, have good lighting. Educate yourself on how to light a home (check the IKEA site, easy and educational, and go for at least three sources of light in any room.)

Open up the windows and let the sunlight in. Welcome beauty and good energy, it is all around you, you just have to be receptive to it.

Have you heard of full-spectrum lights — the "super nutrient", as some scientist would call it? If you have not, We highly recommend you research the topic of full spectrum lighting, and then plan on introducing some in your home, as well as work environment.

Go for beauty and good energy, you have nothing to lose (except bad memories), and everything to gain.