How to Use Pixiu (Piyao) for Good Feng Shui

Pixiu figurines

Sol Ic / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Pixiu, also known as the Piyao, is an auspicious mythical creature in Chinese culture. Largely resembling a rather abstract but powerful lion, the creature has the head of a dragon and wings that give it the ability to fly.

The Pixiu is considered to be very loyal and obedient, which is why the symbol has become a popular personal protector in traditional feng shui. This is the reason you can find so many amulets with the image of a Pixiu, whether they are bracelets, keychains, or other accessories. Due to its powerful nature, it is said that the Pixiu can ward off evil spirits and protect people from harm. It also can bring people good luck, riches, and power.

Moreover, the Pixiu is said to have a voracious appetite, and its diet consists of gold, silver, jewels, and other treasures. The symbol does not have an anus, which means it only brings in these riches and does not lose them. Thus, it is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. It can help to both raise a person's regular income and attract unexpected windfalls. Consequently, many businesses display Pixiu statues and other items with the symbol because they are said to attract a continual flow of money and luck.

Using the Pixiu (Piyao) Symbol in Feng Shui

In feng shui, most Pixiu statues are made from jade, copper, or wood. For personal use, bracelets with the Pixiu symbol are a popular choice. 

Here are some tips for using the Pixiu symbol as a remedy in feng shui:

  • When wearing a bracelet, place it on your left hand. In feng shui, the left side of your body is known as the receptive side, and the right side is considered the projective side. You want the symbol to help you receive wealth and good fortune, so this is why the bracelet should be on your left wrist. On your right wrist, you would be giving away that fortune to others. In addition, wear your bracelet with the Pixiu's head facing outward so it can hunt for wealth and bring it to you.
  • It is best to consistently wear your Pixiu amulet. This is said to build your bond with the Pixiu and inspire its loyalty to you. However, remove your amulet when you are sleeping or bathing. 
  • Touch the symbol regularly to "wake up" the Pixiu, but refrain from touching its eyes and mouth, as it needs these to hunt for wealth. Also, don't let others touch it because this can divert its loyalty to them.
  • In the home, don't place a Pixiu figurine in your bedroom. If it's facing your bed, its aggressive energy can negatively impact your sleep. Also, don't place a Pixiu symbol in the bathroom or facing a mirror. And don't position a Pixiu figurine in a spot that is above your head, as this can give it dominance over you rather than loyalty to you.
  • When using the Pixiu in your home or office to attract luck and prosperity, it's best to display a pair of figurines to enhance the effect.