How to Use Feng Shui Shapes and Elements in Home Decor

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    Decorating With the Elements of Feng Shui

    Potted herbs, bowl of oranges, and two stainless steel bowls on a counter.

    In feng shui, each shape belongs to a specific element. There are five feng shui elements and several basic ways to bring or express these elements in your home. Start with the first feng shui element, the element of Fire.

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    Triangles and Stars

    Star-shaped lanterns in red, orange, white, and blue.
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    Decor items with stars and triangular shapes belong to the Fire feng shui element. When you choose a light fixture (Fire energy) in a Fire element shape (star), you are bringing a strong Fire feng shui element into your home.

    While every home can benefit from more warmth (Fire), it is best to avoid decor items with strong fire element shapes in these three bagua areas:

    • East
    • West
    • Northwest

    Are there areas in your home where you can have as many fiery shapes, colors, and decor items as you want? Yes. There are two feng shui areas in your home that greatly benefit from a strong Fire element: South and Southwest.

    Feel free to decorate these two areas with Fire element shapes (such as triangles or stars); colors (such as red, purple, or fiery yellow), images of fire, or decor items with the actual fire element (fireplace or candles).

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    Squares in Feng Shui Decor

    Olive square shapes adorning a wall near a light switch as well as a hat and scarf hanging.
    Yurdakul / Getty Images

    The square shape belongs to the Earth feng shui element. The easy way to remember this association is to feel how the square shape expresses earthy energy—grounding, stable, protective, and balanced.

    So, in feng shui, the square shape brings a balanced, stable, strong Earth feng shui element energy that is good in any bagua area of your home except for two feng shui areas.

    You do not want a strong Earth element, be it in earthy colors, earthy images, or strong decor items in square shapes in the following areas of your home:

    • North
    • South
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    Feng Shui of Circular and Round Shapes

    Round-shaped coffee table near a couch.
    Hoxton / Tom Merton / Getty Images

    The round shape in feng shui decor is an expression of the Metal feng shui element. Circular decor items bring into your home the energy of clarity, preciseness, freshness, and equality that is the essence the Metal feng shui element.

    You have probably noticed that when you are in a space with big circular windows, for example, or a big round rug, your energy feels more refreshed, as well as more active. The round shape activates your energy and keeps it going; it is a very active energy, even though expressed subtly.

    This is one of the reasons why a round table is the best shape for a table in many homes and businesses—it is the shape that allows for a free, fresh, and equal flow of energy between all family or business members.

    Feng shui-wise, there are several areas in your home where it is best to limit many Metal element decor items. Avoid decorating with big round shapes in the following bagua areas:

    • East
    • Southwest

    By the same token, there are several bagua areas in your home that greatly benefit from the Metal element, be it expressed in colors such as white and gray, actual metal decor, or round/ circular shaped items.

    Feel free to bring strong Metal element decor shapes in these bagua areas:

    • North
    • West
    • Northwest
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    Wavy, Flowing, and Curved Shapes in Your Home Decor

    Above view of a white, curving staircase.
    Martin Barraud / Getty Images

    Any decor item with wavy, flowing, or curved patterns or shapes is an expression of the Water feng shui element. It's easy when you think of a shape as an expression of the actual energy of a feng shui element.

    Water is fluid, flowing, and endlessly graceful, so the best home decor expressions of the Water feng shui element are the wavy and curved or meandering shapes in decor items and designs.

    There are several areas in your home where decor focused on the Water feng shui element is much welcomed. These are the ​following bagua areas:

    • North
    • Southeast
    • East

    There are also bagua areas where it is best to limit many wavy, flowing, or curved patterns in your home decor. Limit them in:

    • Southeast
    • Southwest
    • West
    • Northwest
    • Northeast

    Just as in nature, water is most expressive when embraced by the earth. The same applies to the shapes that represent them.

    It is best (and most powerful) when you use the fluid flowing shapes of the Water element in combination with the more defined shapes of Earth and Metal elements.

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    Feng Shui Decor With Rectangles

    Colorful rectangular-shaped tiles.
    Gunther Kleinert / EyeEm / Getty Images

    In feng shui, the rectangle shape is an expression of the Wood feng shui element. This applies to both horizontal and vertical rectangles, with vertical rectangles being the most powerful expressions of active Wood.​

    It is easy to understand why the rectangle shape expresses the Wood feng shui element—its energy grows upward just like the tree does.

    There are several bagua areas in your home that benefit from the Wood element, be it expressed in rectangular shaped decor, the colors green and brown, or actual items made from wood.

    Feel free to bring strong Wood element decor in the following areas:

    • East
    • Southeast
    • South

    There are also several areas where it is best to limit decor with strong Wood element shape or colors. Avoid many rectangular shapes in these areas

    • North
    • Southwest
    • Northeast