Origami Tools - Useful Stuff for Origami Folding

Tools which will help you to become an origami master!

Everyone loves tools, anyone who says they don't like hardware shops is fibbing in my opinion.

Truthfully, you don't need any tools for most origami models, just the paper and your hands.

However, there are numerous models that can benefit from some extra help in the form of tools.

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    'Bone' Folder

    bone folder
    Kate Elliott

    Bone folders - nowadays they are usually made with plastic or wood, they are used to make your folds crisp, also if you are folding a large amount of modules for example, or folding many models to sell, these bone folders stop your hands from going numb and getting blisters from all the pressing. I would recommend this plastic one, or this wooden one.

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    Thomas Favre-Bulle

    I'm sure you already have one of these, I use mine constantly as I cut my own paper to size a lot. The metal ones are the best I think.

    These are also very useful if you are folding a lot of layers, or if you have thick paper or card, you can use them to fold along, to keep the folds precise.

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    Benny Lin

    Yes, chopsticks! You can use these as bone folders, or even better to curl the petals of origami flowers, create rolled up stems and round out ears of animals!

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    Small sharp scissors

    Eric Friedericks

    I find these are a must, even though the average opinion is that origami has no cutting involved, no one knows how that 'rule' came about, there are many traditional origami models that require a few cuts. A nice pair of small sharp scissors will make those that do need them neater. I have a very nice pair from Cricut, which you can find here.

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    Harri Haataja

    Especially if you are making miniature origami models or making origami roses, a few good pairs of tweezers are a great help. I would recommend a couple different kinds, like these ones which are coated in PVC to stop them from damaging the paper. 

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    Paper Cutting Tools

    paper trimmer

    You can use a large pair of scissors to cut paper, although the results won't be perfect which means folding the paper will be unpleasant and the result not as precise. 

    There are a few options for cutting paper, you can use a knife and cutting board, a paper trimmer attached to a ruler, or an all in one paper trimmer (in the photo). I recommend the later, which also makes it easy to see the paper's measurements and keep the edges perfectly in proportion.

You don't NEED these tools, but I would recommend these as the basics for origami, especially if you also enjoy other paper crafts as well.