12 Useful Products for Organizing Your Kitchen Counters

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Kitchen counters

Andrea Davis / Unsplash

A kitchen can be 90 percent clean, but if the countertops are cluttered, it definitely won't feel that way. These surfaces are coveted for prep and storage and they create quite the impressive illusion when they're messy. Even with a sink full of dishes and a full stovetop, if the counters are clean the kitchen will feel cleaner, too. But it can be a pretty hefty challenge when you have a compact cooking space or seem to have completely run out of room.

While you may wish you could snap your fingers and more counter space would appear, the next best thing is a good selection of countertop organizers at your disposal. The following options will elevate, organize, and just generally keep the peace in your kitchen.

RABAHA 13 inch Lazy Susan Organizer for Cabinet

Lazy Susan organizer


Lazy Susans make it infinitely easier to find kitchen essentials, whether you store spices, condiments, or cooking accessories atop their platforms. The rotating surface beats looking through crowded drawers and it looks nice sitting on your counter too—though these are equally useful inside of cabinets.

YouCopia TeaStand 80-Tea Bag Organizer

Countertop tea bag organizer

West Elm

Tea drinkers know that nothing accumulates and looks cluttered faster than half-empty tea boxes. Get your favorite flavors organized with a countertop holder that looks good and makes seeing each bag easier. This little setup takes up far less room and leaves your cupboard free for storing other items.

The Container Store Large Vertica Wire Stacking Bin Black

wire stacking bins

The Container Store

For an elevated (and more functional) take on the fruit bowl, try these stackable baskets. They give you a clear visual of the fruit that needs to be eaten throughout the week but prevents your bananas and apples from invading the rest of your counter space.

Dasaka Rotating Spice Rack Organizer with Jars(20Pcs)

Rotating spice rack


This product is a fantastic mashup between the convenience of a lazy Susan with the space of a spice cabinet. It keeps your go-to seasonings all within reach without causing cluttered havoc on your counters. The addition of the stickers makes it easy to identify the garlic powder from the ginger powder when you're flying through a recipe.

Blomus Palua Oak Tray

Wooden tray


Countertop organizers can be as chic as they are helpful. Case in point: this wooden tray. Providing some space between the countertop and the items it's holding, it's an ideal solution for keeping electronic appliances, napkins, or anything that shouldn't really be exposed to moisture nearby.

Latitude Run Organic Utensil Crock

Utensil crock


Free up another drawer in your kitchen by moving your utensils into a new home. Rustling around trying to find a spatula won't be an issue anymore because this countertop crock keeps everything out in the open. It holds more than you think and has a wide enough base to prevent top-heaviness.

StoveShelf 30-inch Magnetic Shelf

StoveShelf 30-inch Magnetic Shelf


If you're one to prowl the organization corners of TikTok, you've likely seen the StoveShelf. The handy platform attaches to the top of the stove console with magnets, giving you some extra space up top for storing spices, utensils, and cooking oil. TikTokers firmly stand behind it as a kitchen essential, and more than 12,000 reviewers back it, too.

Mind Reader Small, Medium, Large Ceramic Lids, 3 pc Round Canister Sets

Kitchen canisters


Every kitchen needs storage that doubles as decor. Coffee drinkers might use them for sugar or packs of sweetener and fans of sweet treats might store baked goods or candy in them. Whatever you choose to fill them with, canisters clean up the appearance of branded packaging and create a clean, cohesive look across your countertops.

SONGMICS Cabinet Shelf Organizers, Set of 2 Kitchen Counter Shelves

SONGMICS Cabinet Shelf Organizers


When horizontal counter space is limited, the only way is up. Use a pair of stackable shelves, like these ones from Amazon, to create additional storage and free up more prep space. One of the shelves can also be nested beneath the other for tiered organization. They clean up counters in a breeze but they're perfect for cupboards, too, and adding additional shelving for items like plates and cups.

Urban Outfitters Lilac Mug Tree

Mug tree

Urban Outfitters

Mugs are a tough thing to organize. More often than not they've overtaken an entire cupboard, covered too much counter space, or were relegated to a window sill (guilty). To best show off their cute designs and optimize space, try a chic tree mug. It's a great way to tidy up the look of your coffee cups in a way that works for their unique shapes and sizes.

Full Circle Stash Ceramic Sink Caddy



Even with just a few sponges and a soap bottle, the counter space around your sink can easily feel chaotic. A countertop caddy solves this issue in seconds flat. This particular one holds all your essential dishwashing tools and gives them a dedicated space rather than clogging up the sink or sliding around the kitchen surface.

Williston Forge Industrial Pipe Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Organizational storage bar


Though it doesn't exactly go on your countertop, this bar certainly helps declutter it. Not every kitchen has ample room for chopping and prepping food, much less storing the appliances needed for cooking. When you need to preserve as surface area as possible, you can hang utensils, pots, pans, and other accessories from the rack.

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