The Uses and Benefits of Lemon Peels

9 Fabulous Uses & Benefits of Lemon Peels

Lemon juice is vital for many of its uses at home, plus it has real healing power! Unfortunately, most of us lack the knowledge of how useful the left over peels are in our day to day lives and they are often thrown away. After use of the fruit or the juice, keep the peels, as they have some uses. (Freezing them is a great option!)

Lemons provide a natural remedy to some ailments and they are also helpful for in cleaning, beauty care, and cooking — plus they smell great. The juice left in the rind of the fruit can be helpful in lightening age spots and for cooking in the kitchen. Lemons have antibacterial properties that make it very useful for clean cutting boards and other surfaces.

Treatment of Oxidative Stress

The lemon leftovers or peels are effective in the treatment of oxidative stress in the body. The peels contain bio-flavonoids in larger amounts than the fruits and can be used to help reduce oxidative stress. This can lead to a healthier, more active lifestyle as the peels can help your body to better sooth aching joints.

Fights Cancers

Lemon peels are essential for both the treatment, though a healthy lifestyle, and the prevention of cancer. Lemon peels have d-limonene in them, which some studies suggest may play a role in preventing or slowing certain cancers, or enhancing the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Reduces Cholesterol in the Body

Lemon peels are also effective at reducing the cholesterol levels in the body, ensuring that the heart has a better chance of maintaining a healthy state. This is also due to the high levels of flavonoids present in the peels. Less cholesterol in the body means better well being.

White Teeth

The lemon leftovers you throw away can also help improve your oral health and may even help you attain a pearly white smile! Lemon peels help to whiten your teeth by effectively removing stains and the dullness. After using the peels on the teeth, it is essential to rinse your mouth with fresh water. You will note a difference in the appearance of the teeth within a few uses.

Remove Odors From Hands

If you've ever chopped onions or garlic you know that the scent can linger far beyond meal prep — even after hand-washing or showering. Rubbing your hands liberally with lemon peels, including the nails and the fingers, can help cut the smell and leave your hands smelling clean and fresh. The peels are also beneficial for cleansing the face.

Motion Sickness

Lemon leftovers can help to improve your general health and well being.  If you are going on trip or tour, it is essential to take some lemon peels with you! Lemon peels can help prevent and control motion sickness.  Simply chew on or smell the peels as you travel.

Anti Dandruff

Rubbing lemon peels on the scalp helps fight dandruff and can even aide in preventing it! Use regularly to cleanse and hydrate your scalp to keep the flakes at bay.

Keep the Fridge Fresh

The fridge sometimes may have a nasty smell even after cleaning. To maintain a fresh and nice smell in the fridge, use lemon peels! Not only do they smell nice, they can help absorb unpleasant odors.

Softening Dry Elbows

Mixing the peels with some baking soda is an effective way to treat dry, itchy elbows. Twist the peel to obtain the juice and rub on your elbow. You can then mix with the baking soda.

Once you know the uses, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to make good use of the lemon peels you may have tossed away. Whether you use them fresh or freeze them for later, you'll be glad you kept them!