10 Uses for Dish Soap

Dish soap can be used for so many more chores than just dishes. Did you know it's actually one of the most versatile cleaners in your arsenal? Learn more about the varied places that dish soap can help around the house.

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    A mild dish soap is a surprisingly good floor cleaner.  All you need is 1-2 tablespoons of dish soap mixed in with a bucket of water.  Floors will be clean and shiny in no time.

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    Oil based stains are some of the most difficult ones to remove. For these tough chores, dish soap is one of the best stain removers out there. Gently rub dish soap into the oil stain before washing in the hottest water that is safe for your fabric type.

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    Many regular surfaces in your home can benefit from using dish soap as a cleaner. Mild dish soap works well on countertops, baseboards, windowsills and many more types of surfaces.

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    Appliances need cleaning often, whether they are small or large, and dish soap is a great go-to cleaner. Kitchen appliances including microwaves, toasters, blenders, griddles, ovens, cooktops, refrigerators and more are perfect candidates for cleaning with dish soap. Other appliances in your home like washers, dryers and freezers may also benefit from the mild but thorough cleaning ability of dish soap.

    You can also use dish soap to clean your foam or metal mesh air conditioner filter. Soak the filter in warm water and dish soap, gently scrub with a toothbrush, then rinse and dry. Clean the filter once a month during the summer for cleaner air.

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    Blinds are the nemesis of many who hate taking them down to clean.  While it's still not a favorite chore, you can make it easier as dish soap is one of the best choices to get blinds clean.

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    Diluted dish soap can be used to clean glass surfaces, and it's the best one to use on really dirty glass. Try using diluted dish soap to thoroughly clean glass before going back over the surface with a glass cleaner to shine it up. If you use a squeegee with your dish soap on glass, glass cleaner may be unnecessary.

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    Kitchen cabinets that have been neglected are a big chore to clean.  Oils from the kitchen mix with smoke, dust, and other kitchen grime to create a thick layer of sticky grit on kitchen cabinets.  Dish soap and regular wipe downs are your first line of defense against this buildup.

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    The old standby for dish soap is, of course, washing our dishes.  Dish soap works so well on dishes because of its mild grease fighting power. It's also known for rinsing cleanly away. While other cleaners can get your dishes clean, dish soap is the most effective cleaner.