4 Ways to Use Lazy Susans in Your Home

They're not just for your cabinets

lazy susan one thing video

The Spruce

You may be most familiar with lazy Susans in your kitchen cabinets, but you may not have known that you can use them everywhere in your home to maximize space and efficiency. They can help declutter even the toughest areas of your home and look good doing it. Even better: You can find them in just about any home store or online.


Lazy Susan Life Hacks You Need to Know About

Watch our "One Thing" video below to discover the genius ways to use lazy Susans in your home, and read more below about our favorite methods of organizing with them.

Beauty Products

If you're a keeper of beauty products, you also probably have a lot of them. Between hair products and appliances (hairdryers and flatirons take up a ton of space on their own), nail products, and makeup, your bathroom or vanity can become cluttered fast.

By using a small- to medium-sized lazy Susan with multiple sections, you can help clear some room by storing your products vertically. Stock your lazy Susan in whatever way is best for you (if you have a multi-level lazy Susan, we recommend bulkier hair products on the bottom platform and smaller items like makeup on the higher platforms), and be sure to turn each product label outward so that you know what everything is.

beauty product in a lazy susan


Often, vitamins are stored in dark cabinets where only the front bottles are visible. Even worse: When you go digging for that vitamin C in the back, you risk messing up your entire cabinet further, making it that much harder to locate the vitamin you need.

A small- to medium-sized lazy Susan is perfect for your vitamin or medicine stash. Organize the bottles so that their labels are facing outward, and spin it around until you find the vitamin you need. Simple!

vitamins in a lazy susan

Refrigerator Condiments

The Spruce is team waste-as-little-as-possible, and we know that some of the hardest items to use before their expiration dates are condiments and sauces. Condiments have a tendency to disappear into the Bermuda triangle that exists within every fridge, only to rematerialize when you end up buying another bottle. (Seriously, we can't be the only people with three half-used bottles of BBQ sauce, right?) Enter: lazy Susan.

A turntable makes it so that you can easily spin and find the sauce or condiment you need—no more hiding behind the milk carton!

refrigerator condiments in a lazy susan


Maybe our favorite use of the lazy Susan (we love to host parties, after all) is for your home bar. Bar carts can take up floor space as well as general space in your home, and they can be pricey. Plus, depending on how much alcohol you have, your guests may not be able to sort through all your wines, beers, and spirits if they're standing snugly next to each other.

A large lazy Susan is the perfect solution to your party problem by offering total 360-degree visibility to all your available libations. Guests can spin it around and quickly locate their preferred bevvy. Plus, you can easily tuck it away after the party is over.

alcohol on a lazy susan

While we shared four of our favorite methods to utilize lazy Susans, there are countless other ways to use it to your advantage around the home and keep your spaces organized. The best part? You can find lazy Susans at any craft, department, or home renovation store, and they come in all sizes, colors, and materials.