Using Up Bell Peppers

Creative uses for leftover bell peppers

So, you buy a bell pepper for a recipe. If you're cooking a dish for four or six people, you probably use it all. But when you're cooking for two, chances are good you only use a quarter of it. Into the fridge it goes. You keep thinking you'll use the rest of it, but before you get to it, it's gone squishy. Don't let your peppers go squishy. Here are all kinds of ideas for using the other half of that pepper. Or the other half of the bag you couldn't resist buying.

Note: I...MORE tend to use red bell peppers more than green, but in many of the recipes below, either will work. The flavor is somewhat different -- red peppers are sweeter (they're fully ripe, after all), while green peppers are more assertive and vegetal. Yellow or orange peppers are more similar in flavor to red peppers and can also be used in many of these recipes (they're not very attractive when roasted but are still delicious).