How International Kids Songs Teach Children About the World

Kids Playing Musical Instruments
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Did you know that listening to international kids songs, is a great tool to help teach children about the unique world they live in?  Listening to world music is a great way to share customs and traditions, so they will learn to appreciate the world around them.  

Many parents look for ways to respect different cultures and celebrate diversity in the world with their children and families. While some choose to travel to destinations, others find simple ways of experiencing the world, right in the comfort of their own home.

A family's interest in sharing these activities with their children could be inspired by their own cultural heritage, or just from a love of sharing fun, different and interesting opportunities with their young children.

Many families choose to share the world with their children through travel. Others might learn learn a new language, cook a new recipe, read a book, or listen to music.

Experiencing new music from artists performing in other countries can provide a fun, upbeat and entertaining way to introduce children of all ages to various cultures from around the world. It is educational and at enjoyable at the same time. 

Organizations like Putumayo Kids scour the globe looking for kid-friendly music from other cultures. They have dozen's of children’s titles that lead families on an authentic globe-trotting musical tour all around the world. Their songs span the cultures of the world with tunes ranging from countries and cities, such as Australia, France, Asia, Latin America, Polynesia, Trinidad, and South Africa.

There are many CD's to choose from. Genre's of music include Caribbean, Latin, Folk, and Reggae music. Many teachers use the music and different cultural activities to enhance their curriculum, too. 

These music CD's can be bought in stores, gift shops, zoos and toy stores. They are also available for purchase online, but might even be available to be borrowed from the library.

 All CDs come with liner notes, that are written in multiple languages. Each CD has a colorful booklet that contains information about the songs, artists and other fun cultural facts to expand the learning opportunities, too.

If you are not able to find a specific CD, check for different local and satellite radio stations to listen to in the car. There many be special world music and international channels on popular music subscription apps, like Pandora and Spotify, too.

Many children’s educational programs throughout the United States have been exploring the joys of incorporating diverse musical tunes into their repertoire.

No matter what the budget is, there are easy ways to expose children, especially young babies, to interesting, unique musical experiences. So turn on some music, grab a musical instrument and start playing with the kids.

While both extremely enjoyable and uplifting, world music encourages a one-of-a-kind way to educate children about the vast cultures that exist throughout the world. It is a great opportunity for children to learn and have fun on this journey with their family members. Isn't that a trip around the globe worth taking?

Article edited by Keriann Wilmot.