7 Vacation Rentals That Let You Test Drive Tiny House Living

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If you're considering tiny house living but are on the fence about downsizing, test-driving one of the following seven teeny vacation homes will resolve all doubts. How so, you may ask? These little abodes were built for full-time living. Even better, each one was designed by a different small home builder you can hire. We share what you need to know on the following pages.

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    Music City's Tiny House

    Tiny House Cottage Truck on Wheels

    The Music City's Tiny House claims to be Nashville's most cordial teeny home. Based on its five star Airbnb rating, established by 109 glowing reviews, it certainly rings true.

    John and Sarah Murphy, two tiny home enthusiasts, own the cozy 200 square foot dwelling. They commissioned Tennessee Tiny Homes, to build their customized abode.

    What makes this dwelling so special? It feels much larger than its actual size thanks to two sleeping lofts and a kitchen stocked with full-sized appliances.

    The Music City's Tiny House has a one-night minimum stay.

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    Caravan: The First Tiny House Hotel

    Caravan tiny houses of Portland, Orgeon
    Tiny House Hotel

    If you are looking to vacay in a tiny house that’s less than 200 square feet, listen up. Caravan, the first tiny house hotel, located in Portland Oregon has six teeny options you can try on for size.

    The tiny hotel's smallest abode is the Roly Poly. It's a petite 80 square feet, not including the sleeping loft. Their largest rental is the ​Kangablue, a traditional stick-built home on wheels that are 170 square feet.

    Caravan shares details about the homebuilders who constructed their tiny homes on their site.

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    Bayside Bungalow's Cozy Home

    Tumbleweed Workshop tiny home
    Bayside Bungalow

    The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is the business credited with sparking the Tiny House Movement back in 2002 when they sold their first teeny home on wheels.

    The Quiet and Cozy Tiny House on the Bay, located in Olympia, WA, was built by Brittany of Bayside Bungalow. She was a small space enthusiast who attended one of Tumbleweed’s two-day tiny home building workshops. FYI, before taking the class, she had zero construction experience. Now Brittany earns her living teaching others how to create their own tiny homes.

    The Quiet & Cozy Tiny House on the Bay has a two-night minimum stay.

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    The Rustic Modern House

    Rustic Modern House tiny house
    The Rustic Modern Tiny House

    The Rustic Modern House located in Portland, Oregon is a 350 square foot home built by Jenny Yee and Michael Papillo, a creative team based on the west coast who specializes in creating tiny livable spaces. Their creation incorporates plenty of reclaimed materials including vintage teak flooring, salvaged wood frame windows and my favorite, a petite claw foot tub.

    If the charming home looks familiar, you may have seen it on the TV show ​Tiny House Nation.

    Jenny and Michael recently completed their second vacation retreat called The Home Sweet Homesteader. It's a 450 square foot cabin located in Joshua Tree, California. 

    The Rustic Modern House has a three-night minimum stay.

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    Tiny Kanga House

    Kanga house

    The Kanga on E 2nd is a vacation rental in Austin, TX designed by Kanga Room Systems. They create high-quality wood product kits for accessory structures and tiny homes that you can build yourself or hire them to assemble.

    The 200 square foot abode features a lovely wood deck for outdoor lounging and a kitchen stocked with appliances.

    The Kanga on E 2nd has a minimum stay policy that varies based on time of year.

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    The Pocket House

    The Pocket House

    The Pocket House in Portland, OR is a lovely 435 square-foot house designed by Swift Architecture. This abode is a sensible blend of Scandinavian style and green building practices. The latter, in particular, makes the dwelling a happy home.

    A few of the abodes environmental features include walls coated with a very low VOC paint that won't ruin indoor air quality. The home's soybean foam insulation is also much safer for both people and the planet because it's chemical-free.

    The house also has a few amenities that enhance its livability, including a high-efficiency washer and dryer and a compact patio for your outdoor enjoyment.

    The Pocket House has a four-night minimum stay.

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    The Maiden Mansion

    Tiny mansion on wheels

    The Maiden Mansion in Seattle, WA by Pocket Mansions is a roomy abode with lots of practical big house features. We love that this home on wheels has stairs that lead to the loft bed, so no awkward ladder to climb, and a whopping 7-foot kitchen countertop.

    The teeny abode has additional amenities typically found in traditional-sized houses including a washer and dryer and, yes, a cozy fireplace.

    If you decide you got to own a home just like this, Pocket Mansions will build you a replica for $65,000 including tax.

    The Maiden Mansion has a two-night minimum stay.

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