Where to Find Bags for Your Vacuum

Find the Correct Vacuum Bag to Keep Your Vacuum Working Properly

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They're small and seem unimportant, but vacuum bags play a crucial role in the performance of your vacuum. When your vacuum bag is full or even before that stage, you should change it with a correctly-sized replacement bag recommended for your particular vacuum model.
Although you can find cheaper generic vacuum bags that are designed for most models, you may be doing your vacuum a disservice in the long run. For example, if your vacuum is designed to operate with a filtration system that depends on a multi-layered dirtbag, changing it with a single-ply bag, will hamper this technology. This is especially a concern if you are depending on stringent dust control for health reasons. If bags are not properly designed or have an improper fit, it could actually harm your vacuum if dust is not contained and finds its way to the motor.
To know what bag number you need, check your vacuum product manual and start your search at the dealer where you purchased your vacuum. If you don't have a manual, check my Brand listing or links supplied to locate a source. You can often find replacement bags just knowing your vacuum brand and model number.
It's a good idea to buy a package of bags when you purchase a new vacuum and to keep your supply from running out. This listing of online sources for vacuum bags is supplied as a courtesy only. I make no representation as to company or products.

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