These Easy-to-Make Valentine's Boxes Will Make the Occasion

Clever and Cute Containers for All of Your Kids Cards

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Around Valentine's Day, your kids may come home from school with handfuls of cards that really have no place to go. Valentine boxes are a handy place to put kids' Valentine's greetings and treats and will organize everything neatly. But that doesn't mean they have to be boring! These fun, easy-to-make Valentine boxes are a creative way to keep the cards all in one place and are a great craft project to do with your child.

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    Simple Cereal Box Chair Backer

    This is one of those projects that allows you to be as basic or as creative as you'd like—it's all in the embellishments. A plain old cereal box becomes an adorable container that hangs on the back of a chair, keeping clutter off of the counter—an added bonus! Simply fold in the lid of the box, cover the box with wrapping or colored paper, and then decorate the front with stickers, doilies, markers, pom-poms...anything you like. Poke two holes in the back of the box and secure ribbon by tying knots inside. Now your Valentine box is ready to hang and fill!

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    Traditional Mailbox

    Who knew a shoebox could easily turn into a mailbox? In just a few steps and only a few supplies, you will have a realistic looking post box that both girls and boys will love. After covering the top and bottom of the box with blue paper and easily creating the mail chute, all that is left is decorating. 

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    Hungry Monster Valentine Box

    For some young kids, Valentine's Day may be too "lovey-dovey," so this monster-faced box is sure to bring a smile to their face—a nice, big toothy smile! With just a shoe box, big googly eyes, and cardstock for sharp teeth, a hungry monster is ready to eat all of those Valentine greetings.

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    Emoji Valentine Box

    No matter how old your kids are, they're sure to know what an emoji is. Create this super-easy Valentine container with just a square tissue box and yellow, black, and red paper. Of course, the "love" emojis are ideal, but feel free to decorate the other sides of the box with additional silly faces.

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    Penguin Valentine Box

    Who doesn't love a cute little penguin? Easily turn a cereal box into an adorable, waddling, cold-loving friend with just a bit of colored paper. The heart-shaped head and beak not only speak to the holiday but also make this craft simple to put together. Add your child's name—or name the penguin!—along with a red heart for that special Valentine touch.

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    Butterfly Valentine Box

    Think outside the box—literally—with this precious butterfly container. An oatmeal canister is ​a perfect shape and size for creating this sweet butterfly, complete with lacy wings and antennas. All you need are colored paper, doilies, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you desire.

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    Tissue Box Robot

    We know how it goes—your child tells you right before bed that he needs a Valentine box...tomorrow! This tissue box project is great for a last minute craft or for those who prefer to keep things simple—you don't even need to cover the box with paper! (You can paint it or leave it as is.) Take an empty rectangular tissue box and stand it up vertically. Add two large googly eyes above the hole, and then use pipe cleaners to create antennas, arms, or any details you prefer.