Valentine Greetings for Grandchildren

Making Cards, Sending E-Cards, and Love-Filled Tips

Make valentines you send to the grandchildren special with a Love Ribbons stamp.
Photo © USPS

Do you have a family tradition of sending valentines to grandchildren? Children enjoy getting something in the mail. There are a few ways to make those greetings extra special and ideas on how to enjoy the day with your grandchildren.

Stamps and Postmarks

Make your envelope special. To do this, you can pick up the LOVE stamps that the post office issues for Valentine's Day.

Or, you can go a step further, and you can arrange for the envelope to receive a unique postmark.

The U.S. Postal Service has a list of towns with names like Loving, Lovejoy, Valentine, and Sugar City where cooperative postal workers will postmark your valentine and then send them on their way. To get the special postmark, enclose your valentine card in another envelope, address it to the postmaster of your chosen town and mark it "Valentine re-mailing." Allow several extra days for delivery.

Card Options

There are many options for valentines sold in stores, including musical and scented versions.

Still, a handmade card says more, and it can be easier than you might think to make your own greeting cards. If you're a scrapbooker, use the odd bits to dress up your purchased or handmade cards.

Recycling old greeting cards to make new ones is also a great idea. Try making these hand-crafted valentines with the grandchildren. Also, American Greetings has free printable cards for granddaughters and cards for grandsons.

Send an E-Card

Another fine way to send Valentine's Day greetings is with an electronic card. English artist Jacquie Lawson has animated cards set to classical-type music. The cards are tailored to be appropriate for friends and significant others as well as for older grandchildren.

The Lawson e-cards are not free, but Lawson is a success story of an artist who created her first electronic card in 2000 and has since turned her talent into a cottage industry, even more appropriate, since she lives in an English cottage.

If you are looking for free e-cards, you can try getting a Valentine's Day e-card from Blue Mountain, which has both free cards and a membership program.

If you are sending an e-card to older grandchildren, you might want to send an e-card to the grandchild's cell phone. Your e-card sent via text has a better chance of being seen than if you sent the card via email. If you decide to send an e-card via email, it might be best to follow up by sending a text alerting your grandchild to check his or her email. 

More Valentine's Day Fun

If you're a crafty grandparent, you might love to do-it-yourself with some easy Valentine's Day projects, perfect for doing with your grandchildren. You can make pillows, candles, cup holders, placemats, and a bunch of other home decorations that will help set the mood for the holiday.

You can also whip up some Valentine treats for the grandchildren. The easiest option is to make ordinary foods, like sandwiches or mac and cheese, but make it special by shaping the foods into a heart.

For more ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day, you can click on Pinterest boards to see how others celebrate the day for love.