4 Valentine Needlepoint Favorites

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    Romantic Valentine Couple Needlepoint Chart

    romanntic couple silhouette with red heart in background
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Romance is in the air with this Valentine silhouette of a romantic couple displayed against a large red heart. Measuring 5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long when worked on #14-mesh mono needlepoint canvas, the simple design would make an adorable mini needlepoint pillow or fragrant sachet for Valentine’s Day.

    Stitching Tips

    • You will work 70 wide by 77 high needlepoint stitches, so make sure to cut a piece of canvas that’s at least 3 inches wider all around than the design size. For professional...MORE results that need minimal blocking, use a frame or stretcher bars for stitching.
    • Illustrated in color, the free Romantic Couple Needlepoint Chart is large enough to follow without straining the eyes, making stitching the design very comfortable.
    • You don’t need to transfer the pattern to canvas; it can be worked directly from your computer or a printed copy by following the colored squares on the needlepoint chart.
    • Stitch the loving couple silhouette in charcoal gray or black Persian yarn or stranded cotton. Work the heart in a shiny red silk or silk-metallic blend.
    • Your choice of background color is critical. If it is too bold, it will draw attention away from the loving couple and heart motifs. Pick a color that complements or sets off the central themes. If unsure about which color to use, select a soft white, pale gray or similar color.
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    I LOVE YOU Valentine Cupcake Needlepoint Pattern

    i love you cupcake needlepoint design
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Although charted for Valentine’s Day, you can make this adorable I LOVE YOU needlepoint project for any occasion. It would make an exciting framed picture at 9.21 inches wide and 5 inches high.

    The free needlepoint design features decorative alphabets, "I" and "U", with a colorful cupcake in between them that has the word, “love” subtly shaded on the bottom. Together they say, “I LOVE YOU”.

    This is not a needlepoint pattern you can start working on today and finish by tomorrow...MORE evening. Most likely it will take a couple of weeks to complete the 129 stitches wide by 70 stitches high design—that’s if you are not distracted by other projects.

    Working the Needlepoint Project

    • When picking colors, you don’t have to stick to those on the needlepoint chart. Experiment on your own and change the colors to fit any home decorating scheme. You can always think of other colors that to use; so be creative in your choices.
    • Find the center of the canvas BEFORE you start stitching so that the needlepoint design will look even and balanced. You will place your first stitch at this point and then work out to the edges of the design in all directions.
    • Choose needlepoint stitches that will accent the design. For example, the Hungarian needlepoint stitch would work well for the “I” and “U” decorative motifs, while chain or stem stitches would accent the icing on top of the cupcake, and alternating slanted Gobelin stitches would be ideal for the bottom of the cupcake.
    • Use the Basketweave Tent needlepoint stitch for the background wherever possible—even in the tiny spots between the motifs. This stitching technique will keep the canvas from distorting and make it easier to block the finished needlepoint.
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    Long Stem Valentine Rose Needlepoint Design

    long stem rose needlepoint chart
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Long stem roses are very popular gifts for Valentine’s Day. The vibrant red buds and flowers are fragrant symbols of love and romance.

    This 4.36-inch by 5.93-inch needlepoint design celebrates Valentine love with a delicate rose that can be worked in as many red hues as you choose. Don't forget to download the free pattern before planning your needlepoint project.

    Helpful Needlepoint Advice

    • Be sure to pick the darkest red shade you have available in your stash to work the outline around the...MORE rose petals and fill in the rest with lighter hues. Work the leaves and stem in traditional green shades.
    • Try not to jump from the red rose motif to the green leaves across an empty canvas. Finish off each new colored thread before starting another one unless there are next to where you are stitching, and you can draw the thread through on the back of the needlepoint.
    • After you have stitched the rose, consider working a lacy background stitch or darning pattern to highlight the central design more.
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    Chocolate Valentine Candies Needlepoint Pattern

    chocolate candies on white grid
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Next to roses, chocolate candy is the preferred Valentine’s Day gift. If your Valentine is a serious chocolate lover, he or she will be delighted with a needlepoint piece made from this free pattern.

    The completed 6.25-inch by 4.83-inch needlework can be used to cover a real box of chocolates, or placed on the top of a jewelry box or storage case for chocolate candy. It can also be combined with other motifs in any number of ways to create other stunning needlework.

    Making the Needlepoint Project

    • Bu...MOREy a small box of your favorite chocolates and choose colors from your thread stash that match. No matter the color, you can usually get away with three different hues: light, medium and dark. So, if you enjoy white chocolates, choose light or pale white, medium cream and dark beige tones. Use the same formula for selecting browns.
    • If you decide to work only basic needlepoint stitches, use color and shading to distinguish between the chocolates. Or, you can use textured threads and stitches for additional accent and contrast.
    • Backstitch between the chocolates with one or two strands of the darkest thread you have selected to define each separate piece of candy.