10 FREE Valentine's Crochet Patterns: Clothing and Accessories

Date Night Crochet Patterns That Are Romantic and Flirty

Valentine Dress
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Valentine's Day crochet patterns aren't limited to just simple crochet hearts. In fact, it's really popular at this time of year to make crochet clothing and accessories to wear out on date night. If you're looking for that kind of crochet pattern, the kind that you can use to make something really special to wear out with a loved one or with friends or just to get a glass of wine on the town on your own, then look no further because the best date night crochet patterns are right...MORE here. And these ten options are all free crochet patterns,

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    Feather and Fan Top Free Crochet Pattern
    Feather and Fan Top Free Crochet Pattern. Rebecca Averill, Ravelry

    This DK weight crochet shirt free pattern, offered as a Ravelry download by Rebecca Averill, is a perfect Valentine's or date night top. It's also really fun and easy to make, crocheted in the round, from the top down, in a seamless design. 


    Feather and Fan Top by Rebecca Averill

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    Sexy Red Cotton Crochet Dress Free Pattern
    Sexy Red Cotton Crochet Dress Free Pattern. Jelena Mitic, Ravelry

    What is sexier than a pretty red dress to wear on Valentine's Day or really on any day of the year? That's what you get with this free cotton crochet dress pattern. Beautiful design. Crochet designer Jelena Mitic offers this crochet pattern as a free download through Ravelry.


    Red Cotton Dress by Jelena Mitic

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    Sexy Pink Crochet Dress Free Pattern
    Sexy Pink Crochet Dress Free Pattern. Hook, Yarn and Needles

    Hook, Yarn and Needles shares the free written crochet pattern for this sexy dress. Pink is a great choice for Valentine's Day, of course; it's a sweet color that offsets the pure sexiness of the dress. It's a beautiful option for the right person!


    Sexy Pink Crochet Dress by Hook, Yarn and Needles

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    Red Halter Top Free Crochet Pattern
    Red Halter Top Free Crochet Pattern. Fashion Martina, Ravelry

    This pretty red crochet halter top is a great piece to add to some of your existing wardrobe for a date night. It could be layered over a slip dress, worn as a top with the right skirt or worn underneath another openwork crochet dress. This free crochet shirt pattern is offered as a Ravelry download from Fashion Martina. 


    Red Halter Top by Fashion Martina

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    Red Shrug Free Crochet Pattern
    Red Shrug Free Crochet Pattern. Tamara Kelly, Moogly

    If you want to add a pop of pretty red crochet to your Valentine's outfit but the halter isn't the right fit for you, then perhaps this free crochet shrug pattern by Moogly is the correct choice. This is an easy beginner's crochet pattern that still results in a fabulous accessory for your date.


    Scarlett Shrug by Moogly

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    Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Free Crochet Pattern
    Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap Free Crochet Pattern. Miss Neriss

    This beautiful crochet wrap pattern is definitely something that you can wear all year long. It's also perfect for date night. It's cozy and cute and flirty, from its name (peek-a-boo) to its slit-up-the-front style. A fabulous free crochet pattern from Miss Neriss.


    Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap by Miss Neriss

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    Wrap-Around Shrug Free Crochet Pattern
    Wrap-Around Shrug Free Crochet Pattern. Jarta Jasmine Designs

    This crochet shrug free pattern is another great date night choice. First of all, the texture is fabulous, so it's cozy. It also has a great unique shape, so you will catch people's eye when wearing it. And it can be worn a number of ways, so you have options for what makes you feel best. This is a free Ravelry download offered by Jarta Jasmine Designs.


    Antonia Wrap by Jarta Jasmine Designs

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    Valentine Crochet Cowl Free Pattern
    Valentine Crochet Cowl Free Pattern. Thomasina Cummings Designs

    The excellent design of this free crochet cowl pattern (offered as a Ravelry download from Thomasina Cummings Designs) uses crochet post stitches to create subtle hearts and tons of texture. It's cozy and attractive and squishy and lovable.


    Valentine's Crochet Cowl by Thomasina Cummings Designs

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    Heart Scarf Free Crochet Pattern
    Heart Scarf Free Crochet Pattern. Krystle Lindsay

    This crochet scarf pattern offered on Ravelry by Krystle Lindsay is a great choice for a neutral Valentine's accessory that gives a nod to the holiday without screaming that you're all about it. It's something that can be worn comfortably throughout the year and still has a holiday feel. This one is great for you to wear and also to make as a gift.


    Heart Scarf by Krystle Lindsay

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    Crochet Heart Shawl Free Pattern
    Crochet Heart Shawl Free Pattern. Gypsy Cat Crafts

    Of course, if neutral is not your thing, that's okay, too. This heart-shaped, square-based motif crochet shawl design lets the whole world know that you love to love. This is a free crochet pattern by Gypsy Cat Crafts.


    Crochet Heart Shawl by Gypsy Cat Crafts