Top 10 Valentine's Day Cards for Fathers

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show your dad how much you love him. And Valentine's Day cards are one of the most time-honored and traditional ways to make that statement.

A homemade Valentine's Day card is an excellent tool for communicating love for your father, and these card ideas can help you make a well-crafted and memorable homemade card for Dad this Valentine's Day.

So take a look at these ideas and get going on a card following these patterns, or use them just...MORE as a way to generate your own creative Valentine's Day cards for Dad.

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    Heart Pocket Card for Valentine's Day
    Courtesy of the Family Crafts Site

    This really cute heart pocket can be adapted for Dad. It is a pocket that you can fill with little love notes, Valentines, quotes or other things your Dad will love. It is creative, it's traditional and it is something Dad will enjoy remembering years from now.

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    Love You Valentine Handmade Card

    Love You Card for Valentine's Day
    Courtesy of the Parenting Teens Site

    Kids can make this really sweet "Love You" card. The card is quite elegant and the message is one any dad will appreciate.

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    Valentine's Day Card With a Secret Message

    Valentine's Day Card with a Secret Message
    Courtesy of the Guide to Painting

    If you are artsy at all, this is an excellent Valentine's Day card craft project for your dad. Here is a great step-by-step outline for painting a Valentine's Day card with a secret message included. The message is printed in waterproof ink and then painted over so Dad will need to hold it up to the light to read the message underneath the paint. Dad will love the challenge of finding the message and you can make it particular and personalized just for him!

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    Espresso Valentine's Day Card
    Courtesy of the Guide to Family Crafts

    This creative card is perfect if your Dad is a Starbucks fan or just loves coffee. This card features a steaming cup of coffee and a place to attach a small bag of your Dad's favorite gourmet coffee beans. It is a thoughtful card, one that takes into account Dad's taste, and will be one he will enjoy along with the cup of coffee he brews from the beans.

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    Mini Heart Book for Valentine's Day
    Courtesy of the Guide to Scrapbooking

    The idea here is that this accordion-folded book becomes a card into which you can put small photos or jot down fun memories with Dad. He will love that you put a lot of thought and effort into it and the card comes out looking quite amazing. This is an excellent craft project and can be done in about half an hour if you have everything assembled and ready to go.

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    Tissue Heart Picture

    Tissue Heart Valentine's Day Card for Dad

    Tissue art is a fun and easy craft, and this card made from tissue paper hearts is sure to be a hit with Dad. You can be creative and colorful with this pattern and can personalize it with a tender message about how much you love your Dad. And it makes up quite quickly, making it a good choice for one of those last-minute Valentine's Day cards.

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    Balloons Printable Valentine's Day Card

    Balloon Valentine's Day Card Family Crafts

    For the ultimate "easy" card for Dad, this printable Valentine's Day card features balloons in a bunch that look like hearts. This card comes ready to print on your color printer and then fold it over in fourths to make a great card. Make sure to personalize it for Dad, including some reasons why you love him or maybe a favorite memory with him. This one is quick and easy and if you make it personal just for Dad, he will love it as much as a mushy card from the store!

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    Origami Valentine's Day Card
    Courtesy of the Origami Site

    If you like origami, this card is for you! It is made from colorful origami paper and folded in the shape of two birds which are holding a paper heart. Dad will love the creativity and the color, and when you add some personal touches with a photo or some creative prose, this card will be a big hit.

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    Oriental Love Valentine Handmade Card

    Oriental Valentine's Day Card
    Courtesy of the Guide to Parenting Teens

    Using the symbol for love from a special True Type Font, this card is simple and elegant and can be constructed in a fairly short amount of time. It communicates love and can be personalized inside with special thoughts for Dad or with a picture of the kids or something else he would appreciate.

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    Iris fold heart
    From the Guide to Family Crafts
    Iris folding is a fun craft and fairly easy to do. It involves putting strips of paper together in a pattern and then folding them so it creates a spiral-looking card. This heart made with iris folding is one that looks great and will bring a smile to Dad's face. Just choose colorful papers with fun patterns and let your imagination run wild. Again, you will want to customize the card to your father's special needs and interests, or just let him know how much he means to you.