Kids' Party Games for Valentine's Day: Catch My Heart

Girl offering heart-shaped pillow.
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Are you looking for a fun Valentine's Day activity to try with children? It can be hard to find age-appropriate games for this day devoted to cupid's arrow. Try this fun Valentine's Day party game for kids in the classroom, at home with the family, or at any Valentine's Day party for kids. Catch my Heart is a game that starts simple enough, but as players get the hang of it, tossing another ball or bean bag into the mix increases the challenge -- and a number of giggles. This is a physically active game so the children will need some clear space to play in.

Getting Started

Difficulty Level: Easy

Time Required: 10 to 20 minutes

What You Need: Three or four red balls or heart-shaped bean bags

How to Play Catch my Heart

  1. This game works best with a group of five to 12 players. Have the children sit or stand in a circle facing each other.
  2. Hand one player a red ball (you can use a marker to draw a heart on the ball) or a heart-shaped bean bag (you can make your own heart-shaped bean bags).
  3. Tell the player holding the ball to call out another player's name and then gently toss the ball to him.
  4. The player whose name was called catches the ball and then announces another player's name and throws it to her.
  5. Continue this until all the players get a chance at throwing and catching the ball. Give the kids some time to feel comfortable with this and challenge them to see how long they can continue without dropping the ball.
  6. Once everyone is feeling confident, throw a second ball into the mix. Now they must keep two balls going without dropping either one.
  7. Once they get the hang of that, throw a third ball into the game. And a fourth, if they can handle it.
  8. Have the players see how long they can keep all of the balls in the air. Start a new round once a ball drops.
  1. The game ends when you're ready to move on to the next activity, or when the kids show signs that they're tired of playing it.


  • Tell the children to throw the balls or bean bags gently. Not only will they have a better chance of catching them and keeping the game going, but they'll avoid hurting someone.
  • Set the game to music, perhaps using certain song lyrics as prompts for when to toss a new ball into the mix. 
  • You can also play this game to include elimination rounds, where players who drop a ball are asked to leave the circle. Then keep playing until only one player is left. 
  • Give out small pieces of heart-shaped candy, heart stickers or any kind of heart-themed trinkets as prizes for participating in the Catch my Heart game.