Celebrate Valentine's Day with Champagne

Pop the Bubbly and Spread the Love

Many occasions call for a little Champagne and Valentine's Day is one of them. Whether you are celebrating a new love, an engagement, or years of wedded bliss, here are a few bubbly cocktails for your toast.

One of the best aspects about Champagne cocktails is that they are often very easy and require just a few extra ingredients.

If you need some help demystifying the Champagne options available: Explore Champagne and Sparkling Wines.

More Valentine's Day Cocktails

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    Axis Kiss Champagne Cocktail
    The Axis Kiss is a beautiful, sweetened Champagne cocktail. Chris Ted/Stockbyte/Getty Images

    You will need: amaretto, creme de cassis, Champagne

    Easy, sparkling, and tasty, the Axis Kiss is a semi-sweet, bubbly treat.

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    Champagne Cocktail
    The classic Champagne Cocktail begins with a fizzy effect and only gets better from there. Omer Knaz / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

    You will need: sugar cubes, bitters, brandy, Champagne

    The iconic Champagne Cocktail comes with a fun visual effect.

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    Raspberry Bellini Cocktail
    A simple twist (or two) on a favorite and you have a delicious Raspberry Bellini. gillet luc / E+ / Getty Images

    You will need: cachaca, raspberries, lime, sugar, Champagne

    The Bellini is a great drink, but a little too brunchy for Valentine's Day. This occasion may call for something a little different like this Raspberry Bellini.

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    Chambord's French Sparkle Cocktail
    Chambord-flavored Vodka is paired with Champagne and mango for this fun French Sparkle cocktail. Niels van Gijn/AWL Images/Getty Images

    You will need: Chambord Vodka, mango nectar, Champagne

    Spreading the love with one of our favorite fruit liqueurs transformed into a vodka.

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    Cherub Cup Cocktail - St. Germain Liqueur
    A simple mix, the Cherub's Cup is a fun addition to any romantic occasion. Photo Courtesy: © St. Germain Liqueur

    You will need: vodka or gin, lemon, strawberries, simple syrup, brut rosé sparkling wine

    The Cherub's Cup may not be as easy as the rest, but it is equally spectacular and comes with your choice of vodka or gin.

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    How to Make the Popular Flirtini
    The Flirtini is a great drink that mixes your favorite vodka with Champagne and pineapple. S&C Design Studios

    You will need: pineapple, vodka, orange liqueur, Champagne

    Fun and flirty, it's hard to top the sparkling fruitiness of the Flirtini.