Valentine's Day Cocktails: Celebrate Love With a Great Drink

Romantic Drinks for a Memorable Evening

Planning a romantic dinner this Valentine's Day? Great drinks can complement your meal and give you a chance to impress by showing off your cocktail mixing skills. These recipes are very easy to follow and contain aphrodisiacs like chocolate and strawberry.

Have fun with the cocktails you create by embellishing them with garnishes and side dishes that fit the mood. Carve fruit into heart shapes or ​dip strawberries in melted chocolate, even a heart-shaped candy with a cute message is a fun...MORE addition.

More Valentine's Day Drinks

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    TyKu's Blushing Geisha Cocktail
    This Blushing Geisha is a truly beautiful cocktail, inside and out. Luca Trovato/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    Love flavors: TY KU, rose, pomegranate

    This light cocktail places the aphrodisiac-filled TY KU liqueur with pomegranate juice and rose nectar. It is a beautiful little drink and one that you will love to share.

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    Amarula & Eve Cocktail
    Sweet, delicious and oh so lovely, the Amarula & Eve is a lychee and vodka cocktail you'll fall for. Shannon Graham

    Love flavors: marula, lychee

    Tempting? Yes! The Amarula & Eve is a delicious cocktail that mixes Amarula Cream with citrus, lychee and grapefruit for an unbelievable delight.

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    Red Lotus Cocktail - Easy Vodka Cocktail Recipe
    Sweet, simple and refreshing, the Red Lotus mixes vodka with cranberry and lychee for a cocktail that is just a little different and oh-so-good. Shannon Graham

    Love flavors: lychee, cranberry

    Lychee makes another appearance in this easy highball. If you love a Vodka Cranberry (aka Cape Codder), then this lovely, blushing cocktail of vodka, lychee liqueur and cranberry juice will be right up your alley.

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    Grand Lux Cafe's Clementine Crush Cocktail
    Clementine Crush, the only drink you need when clementine are in season. Fausto Saez/LatinContent/Getty Images

    Love flavors: passion fruit, orange

    Clementine is the featured fruit of this vodka cocktail. You will also find a little passion fruit and pineapple to sweeten the mood. Did I forget to mention that there is even a little spice inside?

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    Floating on Cloud 9
    Mix Pinnacle Whipped Vodka with strawberries and cream and you will be Floating on Cloud 9. Pinnacle Vodka

    Love flavors: strawberry

    A dessert within itself, this cocktail will surely have you and your valentine Floating on Cloud 9. The only drawback is that you have to deal with the whirl of a blender. That is only momentary and the mix of ​whipped cream vodka in a creamy, strawberry smoothie is worth it!

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    Berry Sweetheart Non-alcoholic Mixed Drink
    The Berry Sweetheart is a simple, delicious drink everyone can enjoy. Shannon Graham

    Love flavors: cranberry, honey

    So sweet and so innocent, we need to throw a mocktail into the mix! The Berry Sweetheart is simply a delightful combination of cranberry, apple and honey that is just lovely.

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    Kir Royale Cocktail - Popular Kir Cocktail Recipe
    Mix white wine with creme de cassis and you have a Kir Cocktail. Champagne? Ah, then you have a Kir Royale. Tastyart Ltd Rob White/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    Love flavors: blackcurrant, wine or Champagne

    The Kir is a timeless wine cocktail and it is a lovely and simple addition to any lover's celebration. It is quite simple, just pour creme de cassis in a wine glass and top with your favorite white wine. If you choose Champagne, then you have a Kir Royale.

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    Love Potion #9 Cocktail
    Sweet, creamy strawberries. Madame Ruth has nothing on this Love Potion #9. jonthnsloane/E+/Getty Images

    Love flavors: strawberry, chocolate

    Madame Ruth's love potion has nothing on this one! Think ​boozy strawberry smoothie with a hint of chocolate and you will have an idea of this Love Potion #9. Be sure to pick up a bottle of strawberry vodka because you're going to need it!

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    Besame Cocktail
    The Besame has love written all over it. Shannon Graham

    Love flavors: raspberry, Damiana herb (Agavero), passion fruit

    The name says it all! Bésame is Spanish for 'kiss me'. It is a fruity, refreshing drink with muddled raspberries and lime topped with passion fruit juice and Agavero and Chambord liqueurs. If this doesn't win you a kiss, I don't know what will!