Valentine's Day Crafts and Activities

Free Crafts and Activities for Saint Valentine's Day

Mother and daughter making Valentines.
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I hope this collection of crafts, recipes, gift ideas, coloring book pages, games, and other activities help you to have a fun Saint Valentine's Day.


  • Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Say I love you to all your special Valentines this year by making them all homemade gifts.


  • Create a Valentine - Discover how you can get can get spectacular results using easy techniques when you create your own Valentine's Day cards.


  • - Find a variety of activities you can download and print out. You will find everything from printable Valentine's Day cards to bingo game cards and other party supplies.


  • Valentine's Day Treat and Card Holders - Browse through this collection of fun containers you can make to help gather your Valentines or you can use them to give treats in.


  • Valentine's Day Card Gallery - Check out all of these homemade cards and also learn how you can submit your own card photos.


  • Heart Crafts - If there is one holiday hearts are associated with, it is Valentine's Day. Explore all of the crafts in this collection and pick one or two heart crafts to make.