I Love You: Valentine's Day Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Love or Hate, Valentine's Day cross stitch will express your feelings

 Valentine's Day is a day that can bring out the best or the worst in people. It can invoke feelings of love, passion and happiness or it can bring out disdain, sadness or anger.  Don't have a sweetie, but you have an ex...there are anti-valentine's for them too! Even if you aren't a fan of Valentine's Day but love the images there are patterns for you too.  Below is just a sampling of the love you can share or keep for yourself. 

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    Begger's Valentine

    Begger's Valentine
    123 Cross Stitch

    There is something very haunting about primitive patterns. There is a certain sadness to them. Threadwork Primitives created this beautiful Begger's Valentine. The crow holding the heart dares you to take it from him. It has been told that crows take the souls over to the underworld. This pattern would be perfect for a memory pillow or sampler of someone who has passed on but you still want to hold their memory. 

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    I Love You

    The New Cross Symiote

    Mmmm......Valentine sweets....you are the best! Chocolate, candies, cakes all make a delicious treat for February 14th. The New Cross Symiote has a special Valentine goodie for you: a free cross stitch pattern! This pattern would be perfect on a towel or apron. Wrap up your treats with the towel and it is a double dose of love, plus you are saving the environment by using reusable wrap. You can download the pattern for free at their website. 

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    Redwork Valentine


    DMC not only has floss, but they also offer up a wide variety of free patterns.  Their patterns range from simple to very detailed.  This pattern for Valentine's Day is no exception. There is so much detail in this beautiful Redwork Valentine. The Scandinavian design is wonderful for Valentine's Day and for Christmas.  If red isn't your color, you can always go for something a bit darker or even variegated floss.Why not make several of them in different colors. . You can also stitch...MORE it up for pretty cards and invitations.  You can download the pattern as well as other Valentine inspired ideas for free at DMC.com 

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    Is That All There is?

    Is that all there is
    Subversive Cross Stitch

     You went out on a date with that hot shot in Accounting. You have been pining over this guy for months and now you finally have your chance. Maybe it was too much wine, maybe it was the music or the moonlight but one thing turned to another and well, you know. The hot shot in Accounting is not so much of a hot shot but now he won't stop calling. Why not stitch this up for him this Valentine's Day and he will for sure get the message. It is so much prettier and more personal than a text....MORE You are better than just a text, right? Subversive Cross Stitch has a pattern for everything you are thinking but are afraid to say out loud. You can download the pattern for purchase on their website 

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    If Only Someone Loved You

    Free Cross Stitch Patterns

     Oh, if only someone loved you...you might be a better person. Can I just say, "OUCH!" That has to hurt! Do you know someone who is just so difficult that their own mother doesn't even love them, then this might be the cross stitch pattern for them. Free Cross Stitch Patterns has this pattern ready to download for free. This is just one of hundreds of free patterns on their website. Don't worry, not all of them are this mean. Most are sweet and tame. They have patterns for...MORE everyone. You can see more of them on Free Cross Stitch Patterns.  

Whether you are in love, in hate or just in lust, there is a cross stitch pattern that expresses exactly how you are feeling. Why not stitch something for yourself too. You gotta have some lovin', right? Right! Get a head start on your Valentine's project and make the day of love stress free for you and your honey. Your cross stitch will get you smooches or slaps...it is totally up to you. Happy Valentine's Day!