Valentine's Day Desserts

Sweets for Your Sweetie Without the Fat

Valentine's Day is another excuse to indulge, principally in chocolate. Just because you eat low fat doesn't mean you can't share a sweet treat with your sweetie. Here are some lighter, healthier sweet offerings for you and your Valentine, and the good news is that chocolate plays a part in some of them.

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    Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Jon Gonzalo Torróntegui/Flickr

    Luscious red strawberries dipped in some good quality dark chocolate make a wonderful, classic treat on Valentine's Day. The key is not to overcook the chocolate while melting and to ensure the strawberries are completely dry before dipping them.

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    Low Fat Panna Cotta
    Low Fat Panna Cotta. Fiona Haynes

    Making a rich creamy recipe like panna cotta into a low-fat one means making a few key changes, but you won't be disappointed. Panna cotta is usually made with cream, which accounts for its wonderfully rich, silky texture. But if you want a much lighter version, this very low-fat panna cotta does the trick.

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    Mini Angel Food Cakes

    Lemon Angel Food Cakes
    Lemon Angel Food Cakes. Fiona Haynes

    Angel cakes are an ideal fat-free base for a Valentine's Day dessert. Simply add some fresh berries and drizzle with some dark chocolate. Alternatively, make a little home-made lemon icing (made from powdered sugar and lemon juice) to drizzle over the cakes.

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    Fat Free Valentine Meringue Hearts
    Fat Free Valentine Meringue Hearts. Fiona Haynes

    Pink fat-free Valentine meringue cookies. What's not to love? For best results, separate the eggs while still cold, make sure not a speck of yolk contaminates them, and leave the whites for 20 minutes or so before beating them. Make sure the whisks and bowl are entirely clean and free from grease before use. This will ensure voluminous egg white with which to shape into cookies.

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    Strawberry Pavlova. William Reavell/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

    It's hard to believe that a dessert this luscious looking can really be fat-free. That's not to say it's calorie free, of course! Still, with little more than egg whites, sugar, fat-free non-dairy whip and strawberries, you have an impressive looking pavlova to serve your sweetie on Valentine's Day.

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    Easy One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

    One Bowl Chocolate Cake
    One Bowl Chocolate Cake. Fiona Haynes

    This rich-tasting one-bowl, one layer chocolate cake is perfect for Valentine's Day. Simply serve a wedge with some sliced strawberries and a dusting of confectioner's sugar. The hot coffee added to the batter before baking will make it watery thin, but the result is to intensify the deep chocolate flavor of the finished cake.

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    Quick and Easy Strawberry Shortcake

    Quick and Easy Low Fat Strawberry Shortcake
    Quick and Easy Low Fat Strawberry Shortcake. Fiona Haynes

    If time is pressing, try this super-fast, elegant-looking Valentine's Day dessert for your sweetie. Simply grab some angel food cake or mini cakes from the grocery store and add fruit, nondairy whip and some chocolate sauce. How easy is that?!

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    Low Fat Lemon Pudding Cakes
    Low Fat Lemon Pudding Cakes. Fiona Haynes

    These light and fluffy little lemon pudding cakes, which hide a creamy lemon bottom layer, are a particular favorite of mine. They happen to make a wonderful dessert for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day. Perfectly portioned and with very little fat, these make a great no-guilt sweet treat. Simply dust with confectioner's sugar and garnish with a few berries.

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    Raspberry Cheesecake
    Raspberry Cheesecake. Fiona Haynes

    Cheesecake is hardly a low-fat food, but there's no need to forgo these mini raspberry cheesecake treats. Perfectly portion controlled, and with less fat than regular cheesecake, you can serve these mini raspberry delights without feeling guilty.

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    Chocolate Pudding
    Chocolate Pudding. Fiona Haynes

    Silky smooth and rich tasting, this reduced-fat chocolate pudding is a delightful dessert for Valentine's Day. Top with a raspberry or perhaps a conversation heart.