First Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Baby

Baby's hand with a red heart.
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If it's your baby's first Valentine's Day, you might be wondering what kinds of Valentine's Day gifts are good for babies. While it's not like your baby is going to be heartbroken if you don't get them a box of chocolates, you still probably want to find a way to mark your baby's first Valentine's Day.

Here are seven ideas for a Valentine's Day baby gift.

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    Valentine's Day Baby Clothes

    Baby clothes that read "My First Valentine's Day"

    Dress your baby for Valentine's Day with a holiday onesie, romper, pants, or even baby tutu. Baby clothes can make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. And you might even want to give the items to your baby prior to the holiday, so they can get more mileage out of the holiday clothing by wearing it in the days leading up to February 14 as well. After all, the clothing probably won't fit them next year. You can even find some sets with the date and "Baby's First Valentine's Day" printed on the front, which would be perfect for photos to mark the special occasion.

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    Valentine's Day Pacifier Accessories

    Baby pacifier with Valentine's ribbon

    Pacifiers and their accessories can make very practical and festive Valentine's Day gifts for babies. Look for special holiday editions of the items your baby regularly uses, such as a heart-shaped pacifier. The item will look adorable for Valentine's Day but still should be general enough that you can use it any other day of the year, too.

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    Sweet Treats

    popsicle molds

    Valentine's Day is all about sharing sweet treats with loved ones. A good option for a baby is to make your own popsicles in a DIY mold. You can choose exactly what liquid goes inside based on what your baby likes. Freezing juice, or watered-down juice, is a simple way to make popsicles. You can even freeze the milk your baby drinks, which can be quite soothing for a teething baby.

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    Valentine's Day Bibs

    Red bib with heart that reads "My 1st Valentine's Day"

    Bibs are a simple accessory that your baby can wear to celebrate the holiday. And they're perfect if you don't want to spend the money on a full holiday outfit that your baby will soon outgrow. Valentine's Day-specific bibs usually start popping up in stores at the beginning of the year. With a little shopping around, you should be able to find one that announces it's "Baby's First Valentine's Day," which will be perfect for your February 14 baby photo op.

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    Stuffed Animals

    Stuffed animal giraffe

    Stuffed animals are a classic baby gift for any holiday (or just because), and stores often sell stuffed animals with a Valentine's Day theme. For instance, the animals might have hearts on them or be wearing festive red bows. The best part is this toy is sure to bring love and comfort to your baby even after Valentine's Day is over.

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    Valentine's Day Board Books

    "Clifford's First Valentine's Day" book

    Board books are perfect for little hands. The chunky pages make for easy handling and will survive some less-than-gentle use. Choose board books for your baby with a Valentine's Day theme. Many popular characters, such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, have specific Valentine's Day stories. Read them to your baby on their first Valentine's Day, and a few years down the road they just might be reading the stories to you.

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    Heart-Shaped Rattles

    Heart-shaped rattle

    Look for a heart-shaped rattle to give to your baby. It will make for a cute prop in photos that you take to document their first Valentine's Day. And the heart shape will still be common enough that it won't look out of place any other day of the year, so your baby is bound to get lots of use out of this gift.