First Valentine's Day Gifts for Baby

So it's your baby's first Valentine's Day, and you are wondering what Valentine's Day gifts are good for babies. Though it's not like your baby is going to be heartbroken over the fact that you didn't get him a box of chocolates, you probably want to find a way to mark your baby's first Valentine's Day. Here are seven suggestions for Valentine's Day gifts for your baby.

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    Valentine's Day Bodysuits and Pant Sets

    Baby clothes that read My First Valentine's Day.

    Dress your baby for Valentine's Day with a holiday onesie, romper, pants, and even baby tutus. Clothing can make perfect Valentine's Day gifts, but these gifts are ones that you might want to give in advance to allow your baby to be dressed to the nines in the weeks leading to the holiday.

    You'll find sets appropriate for girls, boys, and some that are gender-neutral. If you like to commemorate "Baby's First Valentine's Day," you can even find sets with the year stamped on the front.

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    Valentine's Day Gift Pacifier Accessories

    Baby pacifier with Valentine's ribbon.

    Many babies are quite fond of their pacifiers, so pacifiers and their accessories can make very practical Valentine's Day gifts for babies. Look for heart-shaped pacifiers and special holiday editions.

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    Sweet Treats: Homemade Popsicles

    Tray of Popsicle molds.

    So maybe you want your little one to enjoy a sweet treat on the holiday known for indulging the sweet tooth. What would be a good option?

    How about making your own popsicles with a BPA-free popsicle mold set? If your baby is old enough for juice, you can water down the juice of your choice and freeze it into individual homemade popsicles. Or if your baby isn't quite old enough for juice, opt for breast milk popsicles. Strange though it may sound, breast milk popsicles can also be quite soothing for the teething baby.

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    Valentine's Day Bibs

    Red bib with heart that reads My 1st Valentine's Day

    Bibs are a simple accessory your baby can wear to celebrate the holiday. More than likely you'll find more than just a few styles as you wander down the baby aisle of any department store. But if you are an online shopper, you can find several options as you compare prices. You should be able to find one that announces "Baby's First Valentine."

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    Stuffed Animals for Your Littlest Valentine

    Stuffed animal giraffe.

    Another classic Valentine's gift for people of all ages are stuffed animals. You'll find plenty of options out there such as this giraffe stuffed animal from Russ. "Geramy" features heart-shaped spots all over its body and is adorned with red-heart antlers. Your little one is sure to fall in love with this little guy.

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    Valentine Board Books

    Clifford's First Valentine's Day book

    Board books are perfect for little hands. Chunky pages make for easier handling and will survive excessive drool and exuberant page-turning. One board book features the much-loved Clifford as he celebrates his first Valentine's Day, just like your baby.

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    Heart-Shaped Rattles

    Heart-shaped rattle.

    Rattles are shown to be great toys for babies, so it makes sense that they are common items found in any nursery. Look for a heart-shaped rattle made from baby-safe materials. While you'll find many made of plastic, a natural wood rattle is another option, such as one from iPlay. This is an ideal gift for babies three months old and up.