Valentine's Day Gifts for Classmates

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    S'mores Packets

    Valentine s'mores favors
    Christine Gauvreau

    These S'mores packets are an adorable way to send your child’s classmates home with everything they need to make herself an after-school treat. Simply place the S'mores ingredients in a zipper-close sandwich bag. Print these free labels and staple them to the S'mores packets.

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    Heart Shaped Crayon and Coloring Page

    Crayon heart and coloring page gift
    Christine Gauvreau

    Give them a Valentine’s Day-themed coloring page and a homemade, heart-shaped crayon to go with it. You won’t believe how easy the crayons are to make – even better, you get to use up all of those broken crayons you already have around the house.

    How to Make a Heart Shaped Crayon

    1. Gather the crayons you would like to use, a muffin pan, cupcake liners, and foil. (If you have a heart-shaped muffin pan, you can skip the liners and aluminum foil.)
    2. Break up the crayons into small pieces.
    3. Line the muffin...MORE pan with paper liners.
    4. Roll up small balls of aluminum foil and insert them between the paper liners and pan cups to form heart-shaped indents in the papers.
    5. Pour the crayon bits into the heart-shaped muffin cups.
    6. Bake at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes, until the crayons have melted.
    7. Remove from oven and let cool.
    8. Peel off the paper liners.

    Place the heart shaped crayons in a gift bag with a rolled up coloring page.

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    Personalized Heart Cupcake

    Heart shaped cupcake
    Christine Gauvreau

    Whether you are the teacher making treats for her students, a mom sending in cupcakes for the classroom Valentine’s Day party, or just need a cute gift idea for your child’s classmates, try these personalized, heart-shaped cupcakes. Simply bake a batch of heart-shaped cupcakes and use a gel icing pen to write the children’s names on top.

    Wrap them individually in cellophane if you are sending them to school as take-home treats. For cupcakes that will be eaten in the classroom, allow kids to come...MORE up and find the one with their name at snack time.

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    Valentine Wrapped Candy Bar

    Valentine Candy bar
    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Your child can give his classmates candy bars wrapped in personalized Valentine’s wrappers. 

    How to Make Your Own Candy Bar Wrappers

    1. Set your computer’s word processing document to ​the custom size of 6-x-6-inch.
    2. Type in the text you would like on the wrapper.
    3. Center the text and adjust it to the font, size and color you would like.
    4. Print on 6-x-6-inch decorative Valentine’s Day paper.
    5. Fold the printed paper over the candy bar so that the text is on the front.
    6. Seal it closed on the back side with a...MORE glue stick.
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    "I Dig You" Shovel Package

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Let your child tell his classmates how much he digs them with these shovel-inspired treats.

    How to Make Valentine Shovel Packages

    1. Place a toy shovel inside a goody bag.
    2. Pour Valentine’s Day candy, such as conversation hearts or chocolate wrapped hearts over the shovel.
    3. Close the top of the goody bag around the arm of the shovel. Tie with ribbon.
    4. Add a label that reads, “I Dig You!”
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    Surpirse Heart Cupcake

    Heart cupcake for Valentine's Day
    C. Gauvreau

    Give your child’s classmates an extra sweet treat with these surprise heart cupcakes that deliver a little extra dose of love. Serve them in the classroom, or wrap them up individually and send them home as treats. Whenever they bite into them, they will love discovering the surprise heart inside!

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    Just Write Pencil

    Valentine pencil and paper heart.
    C. Gauvreau

    Something every student – and teacher – can always use is an extra pencil. Pick up some Valentine’s Day themed pencils from the dollar store, craft shop or party supply retailer. Print a message that reads, “You’re Just Write for Me!” on decorative paper. Cut it into a heart shape, gently fold and cut a slit on each side. Run the pencil through the slits, just like an arrow piercing through the heart.

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    Candy Cane Heart

    Candy cane heart
    C. Gauvreau

    Wondering what to do with all of those candy canes left over from Christmas? Instead of tossing them out, you can turn them into these cute, heart-shaped treats. Simply arrange two candy canes to form a heart shape, tape together and tie with ribbon.

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    Homemade Valentine's Day Truffles

    Gold chocolate truffles
    Elizabeth LaBau

    From hearts of gold truffles to strawberry fields, choose something perfect for Valentine's Day from this collection of homemade truffle recipes.

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    Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

    Homemade Valentine card
    Katherine Lee

    What could be sweeter than a Valentine’s Day card made by hand? This collection of homemade cards for Valentine’s Day gives you plenty of options.