Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Fiancee

Alija/Getty Images

Are you engaged and wondering what gift to buy your fiance or fiancee on Valentine's Day? You can't give a $5 box of chocolates and a cheesy greeting card to the person you're going to marry. But since money is tight, you want every penny to count. These wedding-related gift ideas are sure to please.

Wedding Related Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • A Wedding "Upgrade": If you know of a wedding detail where your sweetie wanted a more luxurious option, but settled for a cheaper one, spend your Valentine's Day gift to give an upgrade. If she wanted peonies in her bouquet, but they were out of season, call the florist and change the details. If a close friend of his can't afford to come to the wedding, buy a plane ticket for that friend.
  • Your Sexy Side: You're going to have lots of photographs of you in your wedding dress, but did you ever think of posing without your wedding dress? No, I'm not talking about porn, but rather the tasteful but sexy photos called "Boudoir Photographs." Many photographers offer this service, helping you to be relaxed as you get beautifully captured in lingerie. Make sure you get to keep all the negatives and prints and give your sweetheart something for his (or her) eyes only.
  • Dancing Queen: If you're really the clodhopper type, spend your lunch hours for the next ten days taking dance lessons. Surprise her on Valentine's Day by popping a CD on the stereo and asking her to dance. She'll be surprised and delighted. (Sorry, this gift generally only works for the ladies; it isn't a present most guys will appreciate!)
  • That Special Touch: Buy him or her a watch, bracelet, handkerchief or other accessory and write a thoughtful note to accompany it, stating that you are so excited to marry them and thought they might wear the enclosed on your wedding day.
  • Photo Art: Give your Valentine a gift certificate to a service which develops original artwork out of photos. Write a note that it's for your wedding photo so that you'll have a beautiful memento of your wedding to hang up in your home.